Jun 30, 2011

Rich Dad Poor Dad Preps for Collapse

You ever heard of Rich Dad/Poor Dad? They run it a lot during PBS pledge drives.
TL;DW: Rich Dad author "Robert Kiyosaki" and his advisory team discuss how they have prepared for the coming depression:
- Year's supply of food
- Guns
- Gold & silver
- Cash on hand

They speak of the coming depression (inflationary or not it's going to happen), shutting down the credit card system, and higher taxes no matter what. Budget-cutting police forces promotes lawnessness. They advocate that you buy a gun.

They're casually laughing at the coming doom. But note, they're already prepped. Are you?

It's the Spending, Stupid

Maybe - It's the Stupid Spending, Stupid?

Hold on, I'll get it eventually.

Kabul Hotel Firefight

New Zealand special forces soldiers after taking part in a military operation against Taleban militants that attacked the InterContinental hotel in Kabul.

Jun 29, 2011

Protester Believes Obama is an Alien. No, the other kind.

Taking the birther movement to a whole other category...
Richard McCaslin discusses his theory about President Barack Obama's reptile origins with Savannah Holmes, 14, of Provo Utah., as the two wait for the presidential motorcade Tuesday June 28, 2011 near the entrance of Alcoa Davenport Works in Riverdale.

Photo: Rashah McChesney/Quad-City Times

Read more:

PA Lets You Defend Yourself

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett signed a bill to widen the right to use deadly force in self-defense.

The bill, enacted by the PA Senate last week, will expand the state's castle doctrine to allow the right to use a gun or other deadly force in self-defense in situations outside a person's home or business. Currently, the use of deadly force is not justifiable if the person can safely retreat, except when the threat is made inside his or her home or business.

The legislation, signed during a private ceremony in the Republican governor's office at the Capitol, also limits certain civil liability in some cases for people who act within the guidelines. It goes into effect in 60 days.

The National Rifle Association's executive director, Chris Cox, called it a way for "law-abiding citizens" to "protect themselves when criminals attack without fear of being second-guessed by an overzealous prosecutor."

Rep. Scott Perry, R-York, sponsored the house bill and said he was gladdened by its passage and Corbett's signing it into law.

"A criminal should never have an advantage over a citizen who abides by the rules of decent society, and today we finally achieved the goal of returning the right of self-defense to the law-abiding," Perry said in a statement.

In other words: Pennsylvanians are allowed the natural right to protect themselves. It's sad that we have to celebrate such a thing in the so-called land of the free.

Who Hates Bachmann?

Enemy number one on her list used to be her Chief of Staff. He's written an editorial claiming Bachmann is "so not ready for the presidency":

Having seen the two of them, up close and over a long period of time, it is clear to me that while Tim Pawlenty possesses the judgment, the demeanor, and the readiness to serve as president, Michele Bachmann decidedly does not.

The Bachmann campaign and congressional offices I inherited were wildly out of control. Stacks upon stacks of unopened contributions filled the campaign office while thousands of communications from citizens waited for an answer. If she is unable, or unwilling, to handle the basic duties of a campaign or congressional office, how could she possibly manage the magnitude of the presidency?

Enemy number two? Why, Tom Petty, of course, who asked Bachmann to stop playing "American Girl" at her campaign events.

Funny, every time I hear that song I think of the abduction scene in "Silence of the Lambs." I don't know if I agree with your plan on pulling it Tom...

The Next President Asks You To Pray to Jesus

The next President of the United States, Texas Governor Rick Perry invites people of all faiths and creeds to join him in praying to his god for solutions to America’s problems.

Sure, it's a non-denominational love in to ask for devine intervention - totally harmless stuff, right? I shouldn't be worried? I mean, Rick obviously is down to earth - he didn't even straighten his tie for the video.

But what really troubles me, have Americans already forgotten that it's a bad idea to elevate people from Texas to the Presidency? Yeah, LBJ, man.

Jun 28, 2011

Hey, Where's My AR-15? Whoops!


Modern Mod

If the Beatles were a modern pop band. No doubt would have been auto-tuned to dump that 4 part harmony crap

The World is an Ashtray

It's Not Cigarettes

The Supreme Court today struck down California’s ban on renting or selling violent video games to minors in a 7-2 decision. The Court held that the law violated minors’ First Amendment rights.

Writing for the majority, Justice Scalia said, “No doubt a state possesses legitimate power to protect children from harm. But that does not include a free-floating power to restrict the ideas to which children may be exposed.”

If the law had been upheld, California could have fined retailers $1,000 every time they sold a violent game to someone under 18.

Or in other words, it's the parent's duty - not the Nanny State's. Chalk one up for freedom

Jun 27, 2011

My New Bumper Sticker

Squirrel Jesus

Squirrel! Jesus.

Bi-Polar America

America has bi-polar disease. We're a force for liberty, justice, and the rule of law across the world - but we also contradict these ideals all the time by supporting dictators, actively supporting assassinations, we export violence and a violent culture, but don't dare show a nipple on TV, but we can blow a villain's head clean off and still give it a PG rating.

The US House has voted to not support the war in Libya, er kinetic action, but are still going to give out the money to do it. That's not leadership. That's bi-polar. Trying to eat the pie and hold the cake? It makes as much sense.

Mr. Obama has decided to 'draw down' in Afghanistan less than a year and a half after doubling down with his own surge - and to do so in September for the voters, but this is the middle of the 'fighting season' in Afghanistan which may put American fighting servicemen in harms way for no reason other than to appease Mr. Obama's finge base. That's bi-polar.

Mr. Obama gave his reasoning to draw down in Afghanistan, after shunning the most successful general in modern time's opinion, because he had gotten Bin Laden. Mission Accomplish banner unfurled. Okay... Mr. Obama, when will you draw down the TSA? From the Daily News...

According to a formal complaint filed by Destin resident Jean Weber, TSA agents working security at Northwest Florida Regional Airport detained her 95-year-old wheelchair-bound, terminally ill mother, and forced her to remove her adult diaper which they said was impeding their pat-down search “because it was soiled.”

Weber said her mother, who is in “the final stages of her battle with leukemia,” was in the process of boarding a plane to Michigan to spend her remaining time with family members. “It’s something I couldn’t imagine happening on American soil,” Weber told the Northwest Florida Daily News. “Here is my mother, 95 years old, 105 pounds, barely able to stand, and then this.”

TSA spokeswoman Sari Koshetz told the Daily News she couldn’t comment on the specific case, but that wheelchairs “trigger certain protocols,” and that “[d]uring any part of the process, if there is an alarm, then we have to resolve that alarm.” “TSA cannot exempt any group from screening because we know from intelligence that there are terrorists out there that would then exploit that vulnerability,” Koshetz added.

A representative of Northwest Florida Regional responded to Weber’s complaint by telling her that the TSA agents followed search procedures. “[I]f you’re just following rules and regulations,” Weber said, “then the rules and regulations need to be changed.”

Mr. Obama, if you're going to "Nation build" at home - here's a fantastic place to start.

Jun 25, 2011

Gay Pride in New York

The Empire State Building’s pre-scheduled rainbow light display honoring NYC Pride Week becomes that much more meaningful in light of the state’s legalization of same-sex marriage. But, hey, sometimes a rainbow is just a rainbow.

Immediately following, Neil Patrick Harris and his partner David Burtka proposed to each other — and they both said yes.

So, New York passed Gay Mariage just so Doogie Howser could get married? I'd like to think it's more complicated than that.

I only know two things - The wedding industry just went bananas, knowing that no expense will be spared for about 10% of their business.

And the other thing, divorce lawyers in New York will be at the Mercedes dealerships all day Saturday. "Yes, Garry, all the options. And the Tru-Coat."

And, for the record, Iowa beat them to it by about three years, so, like, you know?

Jun 24, 2011

Amish Paradise

I'm sure there's a logical explanation for this... anyone?

Google Gets Pulled Over

The Federal Trade Commission is expected to look into whether Google searches unfairly steer consumers to Google’s own products, and away from those of its competitors, WSJ reports. US vs. Microsoft comparisons? Unlikely. And even if the government could figure out what Google even is, it'll be a minor speeding ticket.

Smoking Guns

Seized cellphone of bin Laden courier exposes links to Pakistani intelligence service.

And in the not-talked-about-here Casey Anthony Trial, a major crack in the case... the mother Searched Internet for ‘Chloroform’.

Which one do you think is going to get more press today?

I'll wait for your answer.

Terror Plot Busted Up

Two ex-convicts planned an attack on a Seattle military recruiting station hoping that it would get attention from the media, authorities say, and even imagined the headlines: "Three Muslim Males Walk Into MEPS Building, Seattle, Washington, And Gun Down Everybody."

Abu Khalid Abdul-Latif, also known as Joseph Anthony Davis, 33, of Seattle, was arrested Wednesday when he and another man showed up at a warehouse garage to pick up machine guns they planned to use in the attack, authorities said Thursday. The weapons had been rendered inoperable by federal agents and posed no risk to the public.

Read more:

The worst thing about this story? These guys are going to make the Main Stream Media cry. Yeah, they're a walking stereotype - pissed off guys who worship that Mohammad guy. It's a cliché, for crying out loud!

Medal of Honor?

The President addressing the 10th Mountain Division at Fort Drum:
"First time I saw 10th Mountain Division, you guys were in southern Iraq. When I went back to visit Afghanistan, you guys were the first ones there. I had the great honor of seeing some of you because a comrade of yours, Jared Monti, was the first person who I was able to award the Medal of Honor to who actually came back and wasn’t receiving it posthumously."

As we all know, or should know, SSG Sal Giunta, of the 173rd Airborne, was the first living recipient (2011) of the MOH who fought in Iraq/Afganistan. SFC Jared Monti, 10th Mountain Division, was KIA in Afghanistan in 2006. He was posthumously awarded the MOH by Obama in 2009.

I personally stood and applauded him at a Hawks game last December.

President Barack Obama's remarks to the soldiers of the 10th Mountain Division -- Syracuse.com

I don't know why I expect more out of the Commander in Chief, but messing up a Medal of Honor recipient's name is a pretty big gaffe. To certain people, anyway. Probably, and especially to to the people he was talking to at that exact moment.

Jun 23, 2011

Coincidence, of course

Nuclear experts killed in Russia plane crash helped design Iranian facility

The five nuclear experts killed in a plane crash in northern Russia had assisted in the design of an Iranian atomic facility, security sources in Russia said on Thursday. The five Russian experts were among the 44 passengers killed when the Tupolev-134 plane broke up and caught fire on landing outside the northern city of Petrozavodsk on Monday. The experts – who included lead designers Sergei Rizhov, Gennadi Benyok, Nicolai Tronov and Russia’s top nuclear technological experts, Andrei Tropinov – worked at Bushehr after the contract for the plant’s construction passed from the German Siemens company to Russian hands.

The five were employed at the Hydropress factory, a member of Russia’s state nuclear corporation, and one of the main companies to contracted for the Bushehr construction. The sources said that the death of the scientists is a great blow to the Russian nuclear industry. The experts were tasked with completing construction of the plant and for ensuring that it would be able to survive an earthquake.

According to the sources, although Iranian nuclear scientists have in the past been involved in unexplained accidents and plane crashes, there is no official suspicion of foul play. Investigators are investigating human error and technical malfunction as the causes of the crash.

Luckily, I'm not one to buy into conspiracy theories. Just strange coincidences and happenstance. “Never attribute to malice what can be attributed to incompetence.”

No word what the other 39 passenger's professions were. I assume at least two people who perished were pilots.

Jun 22, 2011

News of the Day

News of the Day...
or what I'm tracking.

Mr. Obama is expected to announce Afghanistan troop drawdown today. No doubt this will make some people happy and make a few others, like those fighting there, and the non-Taliban folks get kind of jumpy. Well, mission accomplished, and there's no more money. Besides, we've got Syria to stick our junk into. No, not kidding. It looks like Senator Graham is beating the drum to start a SIXTH war in Syria. Come on.

I wonder how our new Secretary of Defense feels about this? Yeah, Gates is leaving, if you didn't see his farewell tour the last couple months. Leon Panetta was unanimously confirmed as new Secretary of Defense.

Back to politics, Newt Gingrich's hilarious new political comedy continues to lose team members faster than Chef Ramsey expunges game-show contestants. Newt's team just lost his fundraising director and consultant. Now that's a reality show I'd watch on C-Span Ocho!

Former Utah governor Jon Huntsman enters race for Republican presidential nomination. For some reason, excuse me if I barely noticed. Am I supposed to be excited, angry, or meh about this? I'm going with meh.

And the story that pretty much writes itself Half-term Gov. Sarah Palin Packs In Her Bus Tour...Halfway Through. It really was a short bus.

Oh and Ai Weiwei was supposedly released. That's cool. They nabed him for tax evasion.

And finally, Wisconsin has passed right-to-carry legislation, leaving Illinois as the only one where only the bad guys are allowed to possess firearms. Guess it's going to be a summer of flash mobs in Chicago?

Jun 21, 2011

Sun Worship - Happy Solstice

Sun worship, I'd say, is not the most basic form of religious expression, but in fact, the purist.

Worship or adoration of the star that sits smack dab in the center of our solar system as the primary symbol of the deity as the most glorious object in nature is a pretty nice idea. Well it does give all life on Earth it's source of light and heat - and in plants, it's food.

Oh, it's easy to laugh off the primative folks in loin cloths or lifting up pyramids in the desert to be unsophisticated rubes killing lambs to make sure the sun rises tomorrow. I mean, where are their funny hats and collection plates?

But to the core, it is the purist expression of thanks to worship a massive ball nuclear hydrogen fireball.

Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, the Aztecs and the Incas of Peru were down with looking up. The Sun played a big part of the religions of Greece and Rome, and a pile of Native Americans, the Druids of England, and in Zoroastrianism, Hinduism, Mithraism, and Buddhism. And, if you really want to get technical, Christians seem to care about the winter solstice quite a bit too.

Now if you're wandering around looking to find "The Creator", just look UP, stupid. Every atom of your body was created in the sun’s atomic furnace. We're all made of stars. Oooooo.

Now if you want to get super fancy, we, the sun and everything in our galactic neighborhood was probably created by a supernova 7 billion years ago, but that would mean that we're also all apart of the original Bang, and the universe as a whole -- which pisses people off, because they think they're special.

But, here, I'll let someone more elequent explain it.
‘I’ve begun worshipping the sun for a number of reasons. First of all, unlike some other gods I could mention, I can see the sun. It’s there for me every day. And the things it brings me are quite apparent all the time: heat, light, food, a lovely day. There’s no mystery, no one asks for money, I don’t have to dress up, and there’s no boring pageantry. And interestingly enough, I have found that the prayers I offer to the sun and the prayers I formerly offered to God are all answered at about the same rate.
~George Carlin - US comedian, satirist and free speech activist
So is sunscreen Blasphemous? Hmmm...?

Uniformly Un-Uniform

An RTB sent me these pictures with a story about how this guy showed up for his Step Dad's graduation from basic training at Fort Benning dressed like this. According to our source, the MPs escorted him off post;

Some of our faithful readers are foaming at the mouth right now, and wondering why the MP's didn't draw their firearms, aren't you?

Jun 20, 2011

SCOTUS Blocks Class Action on Wal-Mart

Supreme Court Blocks Sex Discrimination Class-Action Suit Against Wal-Mart

The Supreme Court ruled unanimously (Whoa!) Monday that a huge class-action lawsuit against Wal-Mart Stores alleging sex discrimination cannot proceed, reversing a decision by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco. The lawsuit could have involved up to 1.6 million current and former Wal-Mart employees and billions of dollars in damages.

Undoubtedly, this will be blamed upon the judges taking their salaries from corporations. The conservatives are called the 'corporate five'.

Well, then what are the liberals called? The Farmer's Market Four?

And, it's their wives, family members, and the outlandish speaking fees that these cats get when they retire - in case you're wondering where the corporate cash is laundered.

The plaintiffs can still pursue their suit on their own, but not as a class action, the court ruled, meaning that much less money would be at stake. The court said the proposed class would be too unwieldy and diverse and that there were other problems with the way the case was filed.

Gunwalker Worse than Iran Contra?

If you haven't been following the story, maybe it's my fault I haven't been posting about it.

Let me give you a quick ramp up on Operation Fast and Furious.
"December 14, 2010, a special unit of the U.S. Border Patrol came across a group of heavily armed suspects near Rio Rico, Arizona. The Border Patrol team identified themselves as law enforcement officers, at which point the armed men open fire.

Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was hit in the pelvis by a single bullet and died the next morning. One of the suspects was captured, and two AK-pattern semiautomatic rifles recovered at the scene were identified by serial number as weapons that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) — acting in concert with and with the blessing of the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) — allowed weapons smugglers to purchase at U.S. gun shops.

The weapons were just two of more than 2,000 firearms that ATF supervisors and the highest levels of DOJ management allowed to be “walked” across the border to narco-cartels in Mexico, in a scandal that promises to be more damning and deadly than Iran-Contra. …

The more than 2,000 weapons that the Obama Justice Department allowed to be delivered to Mexican narco-terrorist cartels are thought to have been used in the shooting of an estimated 150 Mexican law enforcement officers and soldiers battling the cartels. Two American law enforcement officers have also presumably fallen prey to these weapons, along with an unknown number of civilians on both sides of the border."
The question remains - how did ANYONE think this was a good idea? Let the little fish go, nab the bigger fish... But I've heard from fairly reliable sources, that the program was designed to mandate new Federal gun control rules, and the damn thing exploded on them.

Whatever their 'good' intentions were, there needs to be a full investigation and punishment needs to be dolled out with layoffs, arrests, and complete dismantling the ATF.

And to add fire to the firearms - The Justice Department (allegedly) obstructed Justice by witholding key information from Congressional investigators. That's bad.

It's also worth mentioning that Congressional hearings are forcing the Main Stream Media has been forced to follow this story as well. Never mind that it's been going on since Feb.

Oh, and one last note - the Fast and Furious investigation did not yield any big name arrests, like a Cartel.

Calif. Seizes 1,200 Firearms

California law enforcement agents have seized 1,200 firearms from people who cannot legally own them because of mental illness or restraining orders. However, Attorney General Kamala Harris said Thursday that more than 34,000 handguns and nearly 1,600 assault weapons are still believed to be held statewide by people who should not have them. Most people bought the weapons legally but were later prohibited from owning guns.

Read More

I am against mental patients (see Arizona) and parolees possessing firearms. Taking them away is probably a good thing for society. But, California, how'd they get them in the first place? Maybe the ATF&E was handing them out to see where they'd end up?

Jun 19, 2011

The Week in Review

The week that was. He was arrogant, he lied, no one died, but he's still quite a dick. So he confessed, he said 'sorry' but no one thought for a second that he meant it. Am I talking bout a 4 year old who stole some paints? Nope, US CongressMember Tony Weiner. When the dust finally settled the only take away I learned was that if you're going to whip it out, you might as well do something with it. Rangle and Geithner showed that even if you cheat on your taxes, you can keep your job. Flashing your shlong to a 15 year old gets you fired. Oh, and this was the worst cover up, ever, since, well nothing about this thing was covered up.

Meanwhile, the useless debate about who won or lost a GOP debate sure wasted a lot of people's time - or kept the pundits busy - depending on your point of view. Bachmann 'announced' which was newsworthy, for some reason. Mitt came out ahead by not acting like a loon, until he made a crack about being unemployed too. Good work. I'm unemployed too, but I'm not worth 200 million, jackass. Ron Paul looked like he was the only one who knew what was really going on.

Destro took over Cobra - er - Zawahiri has taken the helm of Al Qaeda. He's doing a bang up job too, he's got Pakistanis arresting everyone who helped the CIA nab the old boss. You'd think he'd be thanking them. I guess being top dog in Al Qaeda doesn't pay much?

Oh, and the 4th shooting war in that the US is engaged in - Libya - is tearing everyone apart... again. Between Congress suing Mr. Obama for not getting approval (hell, even Bush did this) NATO is falling apart over the entire situation. I really don't want to say kind words to Quadaffy, but if he can just hold out through the summer when the British Royal Navy runs out of cash - he'll have outlasted and brought down the West.

JC Penney's hired Apple Store guru Ron Johnson as their new CEO. Guess what, Ron's secret was? It wasn't plaid shirts in the husky boy's section.

LeBron had a worse week than you did. Icarus shouldn't fly that close to the sun in wax Air Jordans.

Jun 18, 2011

Saturday Cartoon: We're Doomed

It's not global warming, it's the fact that the current cream of America's crop is having deep thoughts like the following...

And that their mocking parents would rather post their prodigy's stupidity on YouTube instead of straightening them out or give them a proper education. Long live the Modern Chinese Dynasty! 萬歲中國現代王朝

Jun 17, 2011

Weiner Pulls Out

Heard any good penis jokes lately? Weiner is the side band playing outside the gate at Lollapaloza. Here's what's going on in your world, right now.

In the Middle East, Syrian forces widen assault in northwest. On another Friday, mass protests expected across Syria. Fresh protests erupt in Syria. Syrian troops seize another northern town, as pro-democracy protesters press on elsewhere. This is a civil war.

Clans and tribes forge new Yemen unity. Americans are upping their predator bombings there.

Israel warns of using force if new flotilla heads to Gaza. That ought to end well.

Jordan: King Abdullah holds on, despite rising discontent.

In Asia, Russia eyes bigger role in Afghanistan, wants to rebuild: Envoy.

China and Russia just signed a 1 Trillion dollar oil deal as well.

China to boost coastal forces amid sea tensions.

Claims of injustice spur wave of unrest in China>
China raises flood alert to top level, 555,000 evacuated.

Moms turn activists in Japanese crisis. Mistrust in Japan, unthinkable.

In the African continent, NATO continues to pound Tripoli targets; pressure mounts on Gadhafi. NATO targets Tripoli with a daytime raid. Rebels eye Tripoli push as Gaddafi son offers election.

Nigeria's Boko Haram Islamists 'bombed Abuja police HQ'.

South African youth leader calls for nationalization, land seizures.

Sudan blames bombardment on southern aggression.

African free trade zone planning is under way.

In lovely ole' Europe - Germany's Merkel: Europe and Euro tightly bound together. Which means they're sticking by their drug addicted brother Greece, even though he's getting loaded on their stolen ATM card.
Greek PM vows to stay, lead exit from debit crisis. Greek PM replaces finance minister in reshuffle.

As Europeans wince at austerity, markets fear turmoil. It's just the second act of the beginning.

Medvedev warns against stagnation in Russia.

In the Americas - Argentine leader says UK 'arrogant' over Falklands. Really, that $hit again? Retro works in clothing and music, not geo-political cat fights.

Canada to U.S.: we need you to fix a debt problem.

Uncertainty reigns as Jerry Brown vetoes 'questionable' California budget. Which is really obtuse.

Gang warfare kills 33 in Monterrey, Mexico.

In terrorism news: New Egyptian Al Qaeda boss no bin Laden but will be hunted anyway.

US pays European groups $1 million to hunt for anti-aircraft missiles in Libya. Wonder if they'll buy new ones after they're blown up?

Zawahiri's rise puts Pakistan in al Qaida crosshairs.

Guantanamo captives ‘weaponize’ bodily fluids.

And in the markets - The biggest banks face capital clampdown.

China President Hu: Global economic recovery 'slow and fragile'. He should know. He runs a China shop.

Phone rivalry drives down RIM earnings. Is it too soon to say bye-bye Blackberry?

Oh, and the sun is taking a break. Bad news for Al Gore and the Warming crowd. Should have concentrated on humanity disappearing instead of the Polar Bears, Al.

Big Hat tip for all the news - War News Update. Why War News Update? Well, unlike many people, I really do care that the US and the West is involved in 5 active shooting wars right now. When I mention Yemen and Libya, most people want to change the subject to what's going on in Master Chef, or Tony Weiner's Weiner and the spotty cover-up. Of course there was a bad cover up -- he took is shirt off and took pictures of his dong. Nothing about that says "cover-up." Rangle and Geithner showed you can keep your job if you cheat on taxes, but Tweeting boners and lying about it is a real no-no. Except when Bill Clinton did it.

Jun 16, 2011

Moneyball Trailer

Full trailer for Moneyball, starring Brad Pitt as Oakland A’s general manager Billy Beane and Jonah Hill as the Ivy-League geek who helps him crunch the numbers to build a low-budget winning team.

Yes, it’s a movie adaptation of a book about on base percentage. Because Aaron Sorkin apparently thought turning Facebook into a movie wasn’t a big enough challenge.

Moneyball hits theaters September 23rd.

Make Love, Not War

Love in the Time of Riots
Photo by Richard Lam, Getty Images, of a couple "making love, not war" during the Stanley Cup riots in Vancouver last night.

Hey, Note to LA Lakers fans - You can riot when you lose.

Also, we've now learned that Canadians are in fact human too.

Permission to Bomb Libya

Jun 15, 2011

Geek, Nerd, Dork

Some definitions:

Geek - socially functional person. A fan of popular sci-fi, computers/gadgets. Not limited to popular or 'cult' movies/music and/or consumer products, also may include sports and fantasy football leagues and cars. Leonard Hofstadter from Big Bang Theory.

Nerd - barely functional in the herd society. May focus on one hobby or cultural phenomenon and discard all others as inferior - and is quick to point out that his/her opinion is the only one worth discussing. Sheldon Cooper.

Dork - social misfit, unable to clue in or conform to many of the herd's cues. May also have a mild deformity and/or hygiene issues. Napoleon Dynamite.

The Rainbow Waterslide to Valhalla

Deadline: Libya

Boehner Gives Obama Friday Deadline On Libya

Stepping up a simmering constitutional conflict, House Speaker John A. Boehner warned President Obama on Tuesday that unless he gets authorization from Congress for his military deployment in Libya, he will be in violation of the War Powers Resolution.

In a letter sent Tuesday afternoon, Mr. Boehner, the top Republican in the constitutional chain of succession, said Mr. Obama must provide a clear justification by Friday for committing troops to Libya.

Read more ....

Don't forget, we're also engaged in Yemen now - bulls eyeing Womp rats in Yemen with out T-16's. So that's 5 active shooting wars. Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Libya, and Yemen. And a growing zit in the Pacific Rim as Vietnam and China are about to get into a naval battle. Taiwan and the Philippines are egging them on too.

The Office as a 90's Sitcom

The Office, re-cut as an early-’90s sitcom, complete with laugh track and way-too-long opening credits, bad music and, of course, a laugh track.

Jun 14, 2011

KFC Hates Diabetic Kids

Congratulations Blaspheme's Hypocrite of the Week: KFC. How can you offer 29 scoops of HFCS to battle Juvenile diabetes? That's like handing out matches while promoting fire prevention.

Seems that the blogger on Huff Pro, Joe Waters agrees with me completely. And that's before I read his article.


Looks like that mighty fireball was too close to your wax Jordans?

What Medicare Reform?

Reforming Medicare the Right Way

Excerpt: With all of the heated rhetoric coming from Washington these days you would think there is a huge difference in the way Republicans and Democrats want to reform Medicare. But did you know that over the next decade there is no difference at all between the agendas of the two parties? Although the House Republicans voted to repeal ObamaCare they did not vote to repeal the cuts in Medicare spending intended to pay for ObamaCare. So for the next ten years, there’s not a dime’s worth of difference between the two parties, to quote an all but forgotten political refrain.

Even more surprising, there is no difference between what the House Republican budget proposes and what Democrats voted for in last year’s health reform bill for anyone over the age of 55. It’s only young people who have a real stake in this fight. But as former Medicare Trustee Thomas Saving and I reported in The Wall Street Journal the other day, the cuts the two parties are proposing are so draconian, that there is little chance they will ever see the light of day. In a way, that’s bad news. Absent politically unsustainable spending cuts, Medicare’s unfunded liability is almost $90 trillion at today’s prices, looking indefinitely into the future. That’s about six times the size of the entire U.S. economy. And Medicare spending is growing at twice the rate of growth of our national income. Clearly that cannot go on forever.

Read More - and the Rest

Oh, sorry, did you want me to make Weiner jokes? The joke is that everyone is still only paying attention to that ass clown.

Jun 12, 2011

Week in Review - Sunday Comics

Weiner's Weiner is on fire. Dude, leave. Even Nancy Pelosi says it's time for you to go. Best part, you have a full on sex scandal without actually having any sex. That's the most- look if you're going to piss it all away, at least have something to show for it. John Edwards got a kid and a Federal Indictment - and Spritzer at least banged his hooker. What'a got? Some photos you sent to a 17 year old girl? Good work.

Sarah Palin's Email - of the 24,199 pages (er, printing emails is so not cool) they only found about six things worth mentioning. 1) She wanted 35K for a tanning bed. 2) She wanted to be VP before she was asked. 3) She agreed with Obama about energy, at one moment 4) Who's Obama - which everyone says she was being sarcastic. Hard to tell with email. 5) Sarah is self absorbed and worried about her image. The sun also rose. 6) Goofy pics. Hardly worth spending the 35K in printer ink and paper to print out all those suckers, eh?

Newt's standing by himself on the side of the road kind of wondering, well, it can't get any worse -- and then it starts to pour. Everyone walked out on him. Must be that work ethic of his. He took a 2 week vacation after starting his campaign. No, you do that when you're President, Newt.

Assad might be loosing his grip on Syria. I guess killing scores of unarmed citizens isn't the best PR move with the masses? But outgoing Secretary Gates and NATO are falling out of love since this whole Quadaffy love affair, my Syrian friends, don't expect anyone in the West to step into that pratfall a second time. Sorry.

Oh, have you checked your 401K lately. No? Good. Don't.

Steve Jobs got on stage and talked about iCloud. Here's a great deal - give me 25 bucks a year for all the crap you already put on your device, and you can, uh, have it on two devices. "The Cloud" is the new "synergy" word that "people" who "don't know anything" like to pretend they know what they're "talking" about say. A lot. These are the same morons who think saying "viral" means it's on the "internet." Steve's going to make another trillion dollars off these same people.

Super 8 came out. It's JJ Abram's rip off of a Steven Spielbergo Movie, that's produced by Steven Spielbergo. Win. Win. It's gotta' be better than the Jim Carry penguin movie, right? And about that, at least the penguins don't talk... right? Or do they? Hell if I'll ever know. And you're supposed to be excited about X-men 5.

Arizona won't have to worry about illegals anymore... as it seems the entire state is on fire. Well, that's what I heard. Jan Brewer's going to have a hell of a time asking the Feds for help on this one, ain't she?

We made it here this week. Let's try to meet up again next time.

Jun 11, 2011

Pic of the Day

Ladies and Gentlemen, and especially you youngsters - I give you the 1990's.

Saturday Morning Cartoons

A look into the future, by Tex Avery.

I have a feeling Tex hated his mother in law.

Jun 10, 2011

They Live

Shephard Fairey’s take on John Carpenter’sThey Live staring Roddy Piper. For Fairey, the circle is complete since the subliminal mind control messages in They Live were an inspiration for his signature OBEY campaign, with Andre the Giant.

The Wire? Fine...

“The Attorney-General’s kind remarks are noted and appreciated. I’ve spoken to Ed Burns and we are prepared to go to work on season six of The Wire if the Department of Justice is equally ready to reconsider and address its continuing prosecution of our misguided, destructive and dehumanising drug prohibition.”
~The Wire creator David Simon, in an e-mail to the Times of London responding to Attorney General Eric Holder demand for an additional season of the acclaimed HBO series.


Indiana Mustache

Before George Lucas settled on Harrison Ford to play Indiana Jones, he tried out a few other actors for the role, including Magnum PI Tom Selleck and Sean Young.

Cut'n'pasted from superpunch. I don't know where they stole this from.

Jun 9, 2011

Newt Has Been Newtered

Gingrich’s Senior Campaign Aides Resign

Newt Gingrich’s campaign manager and a half-dozen senior advisers have taken their ball and have gone home.

To say it's a 'minor setback' is akin to waiting for the fish to bite in the Dead Sea.

The campaign manager, Rob Johnson, along with advisers in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina, joined together to step down after a period of deep internal disagreements about the direction of the campaign. In other words, he was a pain in the ass who wouldn't listen to reason.

Mr. Gingrich, the former House speaker who has been fighting to regain his political footing after a rough campaign announcement last month, had been absent from the campaign trail for about two weeks on what aides had described as a pre-planned vacation. He made his first return to the campaign trail on Wednesday in New Hampshire, one day before the resignations were announced.

Or, perhaps he just wasn't getting the kind of money Mitt was, and the attention Palin is - and she's not even running.

Someone feel free to Photoshop "Newt 2012" on the picture. Or just imagine it.

PS - Newt had a vasectomy. He's been neutered.

Left Overs

Former President Bill Clinton and Rolling Stone Keith Richards exiting NYC’s Craft Restaurant, where the two reportedly "dined" together.


Jun 7, 2011

High School Prediction

Morson Show My Northwest has an exclusive... I'm cut'n'pasting them for you.
The central figure in the Anthony Weiner photo scandal is 21-year-old Seattle college student Gennette Cordova. Gennette is a graduate of Shorecrest High School in Shoreline. As you can see from this entry in the Shorecrest student newspaper - The Piper - in 2007, Gennette's classmates apparently saw this coming. They voted Gennette "Most likely to be involved in a tabloid scandal"
Never before has a yearbook/school news squad so perfectly nailed it... Except for that time they predicted that Mrs. Johnson would be killed by terrorists on 9/11.

What a Dick

Yep. It was his crotch.

Rep. Anthony Weiner appeared before the press to tearfully confess a series of “inappropriate communications”with six women he met online. He stressed that his relationship with these women had no physical component whatsoever, but refused to elaborate on the exact nature of the exchanges.

Weiner further admitted that the now-infamous underwear pic was in fact tweeted by him, and the hacking fabrication his used to cover it up was meant to protect his loved ones.

Calling his behavior “a destructive thing,” Weiner offered the media no clear-cut explanation for his actions, but said he knew what he was doing was a mistake. The congressman said he has no intention of resigning his post, believing he did not violate any law nor break the oath to his constituents.

Asked about how his marriage would fair in light of his admission, Weiner said he loves his wife “very much” and they two “have no intention of splitting up over this.” He later added that his wife had knowledge concerning some of these relationships “since before we were married.”

Meanwhile, ABC News posted an interview it conducted with Meagan Broussard, a 26-year-old woman who claims to have been one of the women with whom Rep. Weiner engaged in “a sexually-charged electronic relationship.”

Read More

Nancy Pelosi says she's "deeply disappointed," and has called for Ethics Committee investigation; Perhaps she forgot that she's not running the place and there actually WILL be an investigation. Its about the lies and the cover-up. The ridiculous, half-assed, cover-up.

Ben Smith: “Can Weiner keep his seat?”; The Hill‘s Ballot Box: Weiner’s seat “unlikely to fall to GOP.” Hell, he'll still probably run for mayor of New York, and he'll probably still win.

My comment - Even after he is caught, continued to lie, (poorly) and then only until pictures OF HIM came out did he even consider owing up to it. It was probably the worst cover up I've seen since Senator 'Wide Stance'. Like IL's Blago - Weiner has unchecked political ambition without anything to back it up, meaning no ideas or actual ability in the political arena.