Jul 12, 2018

Papa John's Big Mouth

John Schnatter has resigned his post as Chairman of the Board of Papa John's. He has apologized for using the N-word. What did that cost him? Schnatter about 30 percent of Papa John's. As of March 12, his stake was worth $622 million, though a recent decline in the company's stock price now values it at $479 million as of the close of trading on Wednesday.

Jul 2, 2018

Lebron James To Lakers

In a stunning defeat to Cleaveland, Lebron James reportedly signed 153.3 million dollars to play 4 years with the LA Lakers. Will his health equal his wealth? Is it a gamble or a slam dunk? Is it because of Lebron inability to finish... in the finals? What's his obsession with 23?

All these answers an more in what's bound to be another thrilling adventure in the next exciting season of the NBA.