Jul 29, 2016

Propaganda Posters Are Getting Creative

Given the choices this election cycle - both arms of the Business Party are getting extremely creative. I haven't seen this amount of creativity since George Bush's early 90's.

Hopefully, this type of activity will continue for the next couple months?

Tell us which of these posters piss you off the most?

Jul 19, 2016

Trump Wins Survivor Cleveland

After about a year and a half, reality TV star has become the official nominee for the GOP. It looked close as the voters staged a little wrinkle that almost put his title into play - but it was quashed by the Republican National Committee. Apparently the back room deals and alliances were already in place making The Donald the winner.

As we go to the final two contestants where votes are cast on archaic paper ballots rather than texting in their choices - The Donald will face off against the winner of the Philadelphia DNC challenger - which appears will be Hillary, as she already used her immunity idol against James Comey about a week ago.