Dec 30, 2016

Happy New Year Roll Out....

Granted, Black Death is the high bar we're looking at - so I'm not going to promise 1353 levels of greatness.... but I'll be there's going to be some big surprises!

Dec 21, 2016

New Feature: Elder Goths

Oh, I do wonder what wacky adventures the Elder Goths will get into?

Hipster Nativity 2016

Oh, that's real - and you can purchase here:

Dec 12, 2016

It does seem a tad premature...


For folks who don't know their history: The Reichstag fire was an arson attack on the Reichstag building (The German Parliament - directly translated it's the 'Diet of the Realm') in Berlin on 2/27/1933. Marinus van der Lubbe, a young Dutch council communist, was caught at the scene of the fire and arrested for the crime.

Dec 8, 2016

Perfect gifts for the little ones

When you pull the tap it plays, "Where Everybody Knows Your Name." And when you sit on the barstool it yells, "Norm!" 

And after you're done at the bar you jump into your Lit'l Tyke's Coupe - 

And then you can practice saying your ABC's backwards! This is fun!

Oops R comes after S when you're going backwards, Timmy! But now we can play a new game!

And if you don't win you get to play in Jail!

What a great Christmas!

The War on Christmas

Poor Poor Rudolph. Wrong place, wrong time.
I do wonder why Rudolph was in Aleppo. Reconnaissance?

Dec 5, 2016

Nancy (With the stretchable face)

Ms. Pelosi, the 76-year-old San Francisco 'progressive', was expected to easily win re-election when her colleagues voted on Wednesday. She has become the lightning rod for complaints that Democrats have failed to offer a compelling, broad-based economic message to the working-class voters in the Midwest and South who helped them capture the House 10 years ago and made Ms. Pelosi the first woman speaker.

Judging by the House Democrat's vote, it seems they've not listened or still don't understand why they're not doing well with the voting public.

(Picture lovingly borrowed from Terry Gilliam's Brazil, played by the wonderful Katherine Marie Helmond)