Mar 31, 2012

Saturday Morning Cartoons


New Fangled (1990) is rooted in George Griffin’s experiences working in advertising and pillories the nonsensical jargon used by ad agency “creatives.”

Mar 30, 2012

The President is a N-BONG!

"What'd he say?"

"The President is near!"

Coming together

The sound in the Chamber Wednesday
The House unanimously rejected an alternative budget proposal based on President Obama's 2013 budget plan, dispatching it in a 0-414 rout.

The vote came just hours after the White House cast the pending vote as a political "gimmick," an apparent attempt to downplay what many expected to be an ugly-looking vote for the White House. [Read More]

And who says that Congress can't come together?

Mar 29, 2012

Follow up on that Trayvon Story

In yet another example of not judging til all the facts are in - seems there's another new development in the Zimmerman shooting...

Doesn't look all that bloody in the video there, does he?

Wonder how that self defense claim is holding out - at least - in the court of public scrutiny?

My two pieces of pocket lint for this one, if HALF of the people I know gave politics as much attention as they've given the Zimmerman program.... who am I kidding. I should be happy it's not a Kardashian or the third guy voted off of a Survivor program getting a DUI. Or Snookie having a child- what? That's real?

Church and Science Mixer Cancelled

"The Vatican has abruptly cancelled a controversial stem-cell conference that was set to be attended by the Pope next month." [more]
Wanna know why?

They heard that some scientists were actually going to show up!

An unnamed member of the academy was quoted to say [the cancellation was an], “enormous relief to many members of the Pontifical Academy for Life, who felt that the presence on its program of so many speakers, including the keynote speaker, committed to embryonic stem cell research, was a betrayal of the mission of the Academy and a public scandal”.

“I think the only interpretation is that we are being censored. It is very disappointing that they are unwilling to hear the truth,” says Alan Trounson, president of the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine in San Francisco. He had hoped to provide a “balanced perspective” on the potential clinical applications of stem cells, both adult and embryonic.

Dispair and Demotivational

It's funny, I found this on the interwebs - the original said "Summarization" and, while the grammar error added the hilarity of the ironic decline of the States - I decided it needed to be fixed. I also added a little flair to the banner - the Chinese translation of "For Lease" - at least, the google translate version of it.

It was enough to motivate me to fix that up, but then to motivate me more to try my personal best to try to be a better person and a better citizen. It's been a long couple months. There's more drama in my workplace than an entire season of Mad Men. At least they get to smoke and drink all day.

I'm actively campaigning against Rick "go on and google me" Santorum, because neither side takes him seriously - and that's a very dangerous position to stand on. If the entire nation thinks that one well timed SNL sketch or a fantastic John Stewart zinger is going to take him out - you're going to be in for a big surprise around 11:39 PM November 2nd. Here's my nightmare scenario. Romney has a lead but not the overwhelming delegate count going into the convention. The not-so-secret Romney/Paul alliance falls apart, and party leaders (the Bush Cabal, the Rothchilds, and Colonel Sanders) broker a deal for Santorum and Romney to kiss and make up on stage - think the Al and Tipper Gore kiss, but more tongue and even more awkward. Together the two of them take the rest of the general election cycle to knock on enough churches and retirement villages to make election day look like a George Romero picture. Obama voters, upset that their waiter hasn't checked on them or delivered their promises in a timely manner forget to vote or feign intrest by changing their Facebook status and putting Obama stickers on their Prius - they did their part. Then, right around 11:38 PM Central Standard Time, the CBS anchor de jour looks at the big board - and Ohio or Virginia starts blinking... then the anchor turns pale. Almost translucent. The number talies in a fantastical speed, as the color fills in on the 2 million dollar graphic machine. The anchor turns to the country and announces that the Romney Santorum Administration will be sworn in on January 21.

And I see it as if it's already happened.

Back to the picture - it's about as funny as this one: Liberty Tax Service

Mar 28, 2012

You Ever Notice...

Say what you will about Emperor Palatine, at least he wasn't a member of the Hitler Youth.

Great Irony

(Sarah Kliff / Washington Post)
As the Supreme Court turned into a circus this week, as arguments of the legality of the Affordable Care Act, AKA ObamaCare - It's hilarious, to me, in the chaos, that it's come out that almost no one disputes that single payer, such as Medicare for All, would be Constitutional. Even Michael Carvin, one of the lead lawyers arguing (for the non-state private opponents) that the individual mandate is unconstitutional admitted today that single payer would be clearly legal. From the Supreme Court transcript:
JUSTICE SOTOMAYOR: So the — I — I want to understand the choices you’re saying Congress has. Congress can tax everybody and set up a public health care system.
JUSTICE SOTOMAYOR: That would be okay?
MR. CARVIN: Yes. Tax power is -
MR. CARVIN: I would accept that.
If Democrats had created a simple, straight forward single payer system or merely provided the uninsured with a default public insurance program, the constitutionality of health care reform would likely never have gotten to the Supreme Court.

I also suspect such a simple and easy to understand law would also have been radically more popular than the Affordable Care Act, and maybe Harry wouldn't be sweating bullets about losing the Senate and Nancy would still have her giant gavel?

Oh, and how do I know this thing is in the ICU waiting for someone to pull the plug? James Carville has already been spinning how the loss will be Democrat's gain. He's about as brain dead as the bill.

Mar 27, 2012

No wonder I'm bi-polar

Open Mic Night

Just five months after reporters picked up a conversation where Obama and French President Nicolas Sarkozy disparaged Israeli Prime Minister Benjamim Netanyahu, the open mic exposes more about our President than 5 years of the US Media. This time, it was with Russian President Dmitri Medvedev. Obama was asking help from Vladimir Putin to get some "space" — in order to gain the “flexibility” to eventually cave on missile defense:
President Obama: On all these issues, but particularly missile defense, this, this can be solved but it’s important for him to give me space.
President Medvedev: Yeah, I understand. I understand your message about space. Space for you…
President Obama: This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility.
President Medvedev: I understand. I will transmit this information to Vladimir.  
Oh, you don't think this is a big deal? Biden would say, that it is, “a big f*****g deal.” What solution does Obama envision that would pay off for Putin so much that the Russians would agree to the “space” necessary by keeping quiet about US plans for its deployment? The only possible answer would be the dismantling of even the smaller missile-defense system to which Obama committed in 2009.

Wouldn't you say that he just tipped his hand? Showed his cards?

What other nations has Obama asked for “space” on American foreign and national-security policy so that he can win a second term? And what American interests is Obama willing to trade for that “space”?

Oh, don't worry - he made a joke about it with reporters, by asking if their mikes were on--before amplifying on the substance of his exchange with Medvedev.

"I think everybody understands -- if they don't, they haven't been listening to my speeches -- that I want to reduce nuclear stockpiles," Obama said. "And one of the barriers to doing that is building trust and cooperation around missile defense issues. And so this is not a matter of hiding the ball."

Unless, it in fact, is?

Zimmerman's Side

With a single punch, Trayvon Martin decked the Neighborhood Watch volunteer who eventually shot and killed the unarmed 17-year-old, then Trayvon climbed on top of George Zimmerman and slammed his head into the sidewalk, leaving him bloody and battered, law-enforcement authorities told the Orlando Sentinel.

That is the account Zimmerman gave police, and much of it has been corroborated by witnesses, authorities say. There have been no reports that a witness saw the initial punch Zimmerman told police about.

Zimmerman has not spoken publicly about what happened Feb. 26. But that night, and in later meetings, he described and re-enacted for police what he says took place.

In his version of events, Zimmerman had turned around and was walking back to his SUV when Trayvon approached him from behind, the two exchanged words and then Trayvon punched him in the nose, sending him to the ground, and began beating him.

So maybe it was the assault that got Trayvon killed? Not his hoodie? Geraldo - are you listening?
“I think the hoodie is as much responsible for Trayvon Martin‘s death as George Zimmerman was.”
Well, to be fair, it was the hoodie that ratted out the Unibomber. The hoodie was wearing a wire.

UPDATE: it seems there's a smear campaign against the young man who was shot -- but that has nothing to do with the story I have posted above. I HAVE changed the photo, since it appears I was duped by assholes. There are charges that the photo has been doctored, there's been unsubstantiated talk about Trayvon being a drug dealer (apparently not related to his being kicked out of school for smoking herbs) something about him assaulting a bus driver, and that he was disrespectful to the Mexican man who shot him, and Trayvon was a Black Panther? [sources]... Again, that has nothing to do with why Zimmerman wasn't arrested, and why the young man was shot in self defense.

I'll just remind everyone, there are two sides of the story, and it seems entirely likely that it'll probably all come out after a formal Blue Ribbon pannel and Internal Affairs review of that night.

Wonder if there's any video of this?

Mar 25, 2012

Week in Review: Sunday Comics

The nation reacts to Trayvon Martin's death this week. Learning from the Straus Khan quick to judgement - I'm holding off my outrage until I know all the facts. I know that the cops didn't arrest or even charge the shooter George Zimmerman - which suggests that there's more to this situation than simple racism. But that didn't stop Mr. Obama from weighing in, saying Trayvon makes him think of his own children. I'm going to suggest rather than marching in a hoodie, folks should look at the facts. And let me add, in my own reverse thinking of the world - how come the country can come together and be outraged by a neighborhood watch shooter - but completely and totally ignore the killing of children on the South Side of Chicago every week? Just sayin'.

A world away, a different gun, French special forces soldiers shot and killed Mohamed Merah, who allegedly murdered seven people in three shootings that rattled France. The attacks seemed to be racially motivated — the victims included Jewish schoolchildren, a rabbi, and Muslim paratroopers — and set off soul-searching over whether Nicolas Sarkozy and Co.'s anti-immigrant rhetoric was to blame, or just the shooter? Seems like that shooting would be worthy of a march? No?

Back to the States, and on to Mitt - who won in the Puerto Rico and Illinois GOP primaries, and got a thumbs up from Jeb Bush, Willard looked like he had finally been accepted to the party. But then an aide shook the board and it all went away (get it? Etch-a-Sketch joke!), which hurt because he's been dogged by charges of flip-flopping. Bonus for Etch-a-sketch sales, though.

SCOTUS will begin hearing arguments on the Affordable Care Act — ObamaCare. Naturally, the Democrats have been talking up the benefits of their health-care overhaul, while Republicans are salivating over the possibility of seeing the crown jewel of the Democrat's taken behind the shed to be killed. It's 50/50 on how it's going to turn out -- but the result will be a decision on just how far the government's appendages can reach into it's citizen's lives.

Paul Ryan bothered to come up with a budget - to which the Democrats immediately took to shrieking at it... just like last year. Sure there's a shell game where the rich get wealthier and the poor continue to be poor - but at least SOMEONE recognizes that we're two or three days from being the EU - and the only thing preventing that from happening is the dead corpse of the EU blocking the drain hole. Wouldn't it be funny if this budget were to be taken seriously as a starting point for the two sides to come together and actually solve the country's problems rather than just being a talking point for the two sides to compete against? Somewhere the ghost of Tip O'Neil is holding his head in shame.

Hunger Games is a big deal and made fists of money - apparently dystopian sci-fi stories can sell to teenage girls. What? There Aren't there any vampires in this thing? Fairly sure I already saw this movie - it was called Series 7 (2001).

And Tebow visits New York this season. Prediction: benched before the 10th game. Jebus to blame. Meanwhile, the Bronco's think they've got it all sewed up with Peyton Manning, to which I would suggest that the rest of the team will have to learn a new scheme - which is complete and total surrender to their new 96 million dollar quarterback. Coaches too. Wonder how long he'll be standing? Me too. Wouldn't it be hilarious if he's benched before the 10th game too?

 Circle back and meet back up next week. Have a good one.

Mar 23, 2012

Friday Irony

Ironic Anti Consumerist message found on highly consumer based site Pintrest. Thought you would get a nice chuckle, maybe a facepalm? Hopefully indigestion.

Mar 22, 2012

Gaffe A Sketch

ZUMA PressNewscom/TPM 
Romney adviser Eric Fehrnstrom gave everyone some ammunition on the firing range by comparing general election strategy to an Etch-A-Sketch: “You can kind of shake it up and restart all of over again.”

Rick "glad you haven't googled me" Santorum: “I’m no Etch a Sketch waiting to be shaken up & re-shifted“. Santorum spokes person Alice Stewart handed out mini Etch-A-Sketches at Romney event.

Not to be outdone, Newt Gingrich gave a little boy an Etch-A-Sketch. He said, “now you can be a presidential candidate!” No doubt, the boy will either do just that, or be upset at the joke on his expense.

The Democrats didn't hold their fire either - they were shooting within an hour. “Mitt Romney: Some Things You Just Can’t Shake Off"

On Twitter: #RomneyToys, Fake Eric Fehmstrom; Single Serving Site: Etch-A-Sketch Mitt Romney; Etch-A-Sketch spox Nicole Gresh reax: “A profound toy…is now SHAKING up the national debate"

Mitt Romney broke the silence on Etch-A-Sketch-Gate: “The issues I’m running on will be exactly the same"

Fehrnstrom clarifies: “[The general election] is a different race, with different candidates, and different issues that get discussed.”

Oh, and Jeb Bush finally decided to back Mitty.

Remember - as long as you don't care about real issues or real problems - it's crap like this that leads the media feed. It doesn't matter how much manure is in the feed, as long as you keep chewing it, they'll keep shoveling it.

Mar 21, 2012

'Get Out' of America

Liberals & Non-Christians: 'Get Out' of America! (Santorum Pastor Intro) "Greenwell Springs Baptist Church pastor Dennis Terry introduced presidential candidate Rick Santorum and Family Research Council president Tony Perkins tonight in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, with a rousing speech railing against liberals and non-Christians and condemning abortion rights, "sexual perversion," same-sex marriage and secular government. Terry said that America "was founded as a Christian nation" and those that disagree with him should "get out! We don't worship Buddha, we don't worship Mohammad, we don't worship Allah!" Terry, who has a long history of attacks against the gay community, went on to criticize marriage equality for gays and lesbians, and said that the economy can only recover when we "put God back" in government...".* The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur breaks it down.

Mar 20, 2012

Like Father Like Clown

Bernat Armangue / AP
A child dressed in a clown costume at a synagogue in Jerusalem on March 8, 2012.

"Like Father, Like Clown" is the sixth episode of The Simpsons' third season.

This is life, imitating art. Art from 1991.

Slim Romney

If only the SuperPACs could be this clever …

It's stuff like this...

Mar 19, 2012

Caption Contest

Here's mine:
"Eh, let the Irish live. The refs totally screwed em."

Welfare Queens

A video by Alexandra Pelosi - yep, you read that correctly - showing people lining up outside a New York welfare office to get their "Obama bucks." As aired on HBO's Bill Maher's show. To be fair, there are 'probably' more white folks on Federal Assistance than the folks in front of Mrs. Pelosi's building... (which she gets into in the interview if you last that long ...but this video is racist because, well, these guys are perpetuating stereotypes and stuff, right?

Mar 17, 2012

Saturday Morning Cartoon


Wes Ball, a graphic artist best known for his work with HBO and his award-winning student short A Work in Progress, has spent the last two years working with his company, OddBall Animation, on a “passion project” called Ruin, described as “an animated short set in a post-apocalyptic universe.”
Words can’t do this stunning feat of CGI justice, which is probably why the entire short is completely free of dialog.

Mar 15, 2012

School Yard Foreign Policy

The US has told Russia to tell Iran that they only have one more chance - and then, POW! They're going to get it.
Hillary Clinton, the US Secretary of State, has asked Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov to warn Iran the negotiations represent a “last chance” to avoid military action, the Kommersant newspaper reported.“Hillary Clinton asked her Russian colleague to pass that thought on to the Iranian authorities, with whom Washington does not maintain its own relations,” a high-ranking foreign ministry source told the paper.   The source said there was a high likelihood of an attack "before the end of the year", adding: "The Israelis are, in essence, blackmailing [US president Barack] Obama. They are putting him in a difficult position: either he supports war or he himself will lose support.” There was no immediate response to the report from the US State Department.
Read more 
This is actual policy being played out like notes or secrets being passed along on the grade school asphalt. US, "Russia! You tell them, that I said, that's it, just one more time, and I'm not kidding around anymore... you tell 'em that!"

Russia walks across the kickball field. Lights a candy cigarette. Pulls Iran over from a game of HORSE.

"Dude, she's seriously getting pissed. You better lay off."

"I shall do no such thing! I have as much right as anyone on this playground to have a water balloon!"

"Look, I agree, but she thinks she owns the place, and, well, just keep pretending like she does, all right? Now just nod your head like you're agreeing with me, and let's just keep on keepin' on."

"She does not have the will to hit me..."

"You know that, I know that, I don't think she knows that. Now cool off, have a juice box and shut the hell up..."

"Yes, good friend, Russia..." (turns his head, and goes right to the water fountain to fill up his water balloon)

Mar 14, 2012

For Those I Love...

This is why I thank troops when I see them in uniform. This image makes me want to re-up over at the USO. 

For all of you who serve or who have served - again, my little note of "thank you" doesn't come close to fulfilling the role that you have volunteered to do. Please note that it is noticed, if only by a few of us. But we do realize and honor your service.

Mitt Isn't a Closer

Mitt's unable to close the deal as Rick Santorum won the primaries in Alabama and Mississippi. He's solidifying his claim to be the favored candidate of the party's conservative base and the main challenger to front-runner Mitt Romney.

If you're not taking him seriously, I suggest you start.

Sure, Romney's ahead in the delegate count - but there's a long way to go to get to 1,144... but if you're counting on Newt to keep nipping at Santorum's heels, he just showed how ineffectual that strategy is. Newt had planned on sweeping the South. Santorum sold a better product, and twice as much Jesus, and took the cheesy grits out of Newt's mouth.

And don't think it wasn't noticed by Team Ricky. On Glenn Beck's show he said, "It would be great if he [Newt] would get out of the race, because clearly the vast majority of the votes that he is taking are coming from me."

How long until Gingrich's bankroller Sheldon Adelson decides to quit throwing good money after bad?

How long til the GOP decides that a Romney/Santorum ticket is a one-two TKO for Obama on November 2nd, no matter where the price of gas or unemployment number stands?

And suddenly, Ricky is a heartbeat or a scandal away from the Oval Office...

If you don't take that seriously, I suggest, once more, that you start.

Camera Cash Grab for Rahm

"Chicago's mayor is pushing to change red light cameras near schools and parks into speed cameras. Just about everybody sees it as a cash grab by the city. The Chicago Tribune has an article about how the expanded speed camera program would benefit Redflex, the company Greg Goldner, one of the mayor's long time political supporters, lobbies for. This is of merely local interest, but of wider interest in the article would be information about Goldner's astroturfing for Redflex around the country. Redflex is the sole financial supporter for the Traffic Safety Coalition, a 'grassroots' organization to promote more traffic camera usage and fight any attempts to restrict such cameras. Goldner has already successfully facilitated the killing of one anti-camera ballot measure in Texas."

And in LA, they shut theirs down - because they weren't generating enough revenue -- wait! What about the safety of the children?!


The accepted method in the UK is to loop an old tire over the camera, fill it with gasoline, and set fire to it.

Mar 13, 2012

War Beat Drums On

A new CBS Poll says that Americans support another damn war.

Amid continued speculation that Israel may be considering an attack on Iran, a majority of Americans say they would favor using U.S. military action against Iran to prevent the country from acquiring nuclear weapons, according to a new CBS News/New York Times poll.

The poll, which surveyed more than 1,000 adults nationwide between March 7 and 11, showed that 51 percent of Americans would support U.S. military action in Iran for purposes of stopping the country from developing a nuclear weapon. Thirty-six percent say they would oppose such action, and 13 percent say they are unsure.

Read more

Meanwhile, with the Egyptian elections coming up - the Egyptians are trying to out hate Israel.

Egypt’s Islamist-dominated parliament unanimously voted on Monday in support of expelling Israel’s ambassador in Cairo and halting gas exports to the Jewish state.

The motion is largely symbolic, because only the ruling military council can make such decisions, and it is not likely to impact Egypt’s relations with Israel. But it signals the seismic change in Egypt after the ouster of longtime leader and Israel ally Hosni Mubarak a year ago in a popular uprising that ended his 29 years in power.

Read more

We're going to war, again, kids.

Mar 11, 2012

Neil deGrasse Tyson - We Stopped Dreaming

Inspired by the acclaimed “Sagan Series,” Evan Schurr pieced together powerful statements made by world-renowned astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson that serve as an alarming wake up call to a nation that has stopped dreaming and underfunded tomorrow.

Of course, if you're a fan of the Venture Bros. (as you all know I am) this explains the failure of the dreams of the future.

PS - this does NOT mean I'm endorsing Newt Gingrich. Although he does have some points with that moon base plan of his. That is, if you actually watched the whole speech, and didn't just watch the Jon Stewart :20 bit where he wanted the base to become a State.

Anyway, add your comments - let's see what you think.

Mar 10, 2012

Slight Differences

Saturday Morning Cartoon

Tallgrass Brewing Company brings you the first video game made from puppets. Will our hero collect the hops and get them back in time to make the next batch of 8-Bit Pale Ale? Watch and see!

Found in LA

Isn't it amazing? They had been rumored for decades, but there it is - actual photographic evidence of a taxi in LA!

Mar 9, 2012

War News Updates


Israeli Gaza air strike kills militant leader. Israeli airstrike kills two Gaza Strip militant leaders.

Tens of thousands demand democracy in huge Bahrain protest.
Syrian troops continued their crackdown on opposition forces on the eve of a visit by new U.N.-Arab League envoy Kofi Annan, who is calling for a political solution to the year-long crisis, plans on meeting with Syria's Assad.

Assad resumes Homs assault after UN's Amos leaves; 31 dead. 31 dead in Syria, mortars land on protests.

Syrian officers defect from army. Syria's rebels on defensive.

Israel won't strike Iran in coming weeks, Benjamin Netanyahu says.
World powers urge inspector access to Iranian military site. World powers stress diplomacy in Iran standoff.

US reaches deal with Afghanistan to turn over detainees.

In India, battle continues over Hindu temple's riches.
Pakistan Taliban divided on talks issue.
Videos: Remembering the Japanese tsunami one year later.
One year after Japan tsunami: Roads repaired, but lives still disrupted. Six videos of the Japanese tsunami [Video].

China drops plans to give police power to detain suspects without notice.

China has repatriated North Korean defectors, South Korean official says. NKorean defectors in China a sore point in Seoul.

Pakistan appoints new spy chief.
US asks Japan for additional $1.2 billion to move Marines to Guam.

Thousands rally in Libya against autonomy for east.
Red Cross may evacuate Mali civilians from northern military town attacked by Tuareg rebels.

Oxfam warns of West Africa drought 'catastrophe'.

Joseph Kony: Brutal warlord who shocked world. When Joseph Kony almost came in from the cold: Juba peace talks.

Liberated areas of Somalia pose serious political challenges.

Despite tensions, Sudan-S. Sudan talks continue.

Egypt’s military prosecutors look into allegations against key activists.

Germany wants new debate on EU constitution: minister.
Russian opposition faces test in Saturday rally. Saturday protest in Moscow could gauge Russian opposition’s spirit, strategy.

Sarkozy least popular leader in Europe – poll.

Greece in last ditch scramble to avoid default. 

Legal skull-duggery in Greece may doom Portugal.
Alarm sounds over Spain’s rising public debt.

U.S. adds Vatican to money-laundering 'concern' list.

Anti-Putin activists plan Moscow street protest.
Half of UK's young black males are unemployed.


Caribbean Community leaders focus on group's future.
Mexican drug cartels 'operating in the UK, France and Netherlands'.
Amid high hopes, Brazil's oil industry faces setbacks.

US jobs recession now 49 Months: Longest since WWII.
Ecuador indigenous protesters march against mining.
A new Haitian army? Fears abound.

Suspected drone attacks kills 14 militants in Pakistan.
Italy questions Britain after failed raid leaves 2 hostages dead in Nigeria.
All quiet on al Qaeda's English front.
Bin Laden wives charged as new probe describes life with Osama bin Laden.

Analysis:Legal fees in Gulf oil spill deal stir conflict.
An American auto bailout – for France?

US trade deficit hits $52.6 billion in January.
Coke, Pepsi make changes to avoid cancer warning.
Greece averts immediate default, markets skeptical. Fitch cuts Greece's rating to "restricted default" over debt swap.

Thank you War News Updates!

Mar 7, 2012

The Kony Kampaign

Kony 2012 is an online vigilant campaign which aims to arrest the Ugandan guerrilla group leader and head of the Lord’s Resistance Army[2] Joseph Kony [1] before the end of 2012. The operation seeks to create viral media to raise awareness about Kony’s use of children as soldiers and sex slaves in order to urge the American government to assist the Ugandan military in capturing him.

Stop. Right. There.

I honestly wanted to stay as far away as possible from KONY 2012, the latest fauxtivist fad sweeping the web -- remember how we “change your Facebook profile pic to stop child abuse” really worked? -- , but you clearly won’t stop sending me that damn video!

First off, Invisible Children Inc. is not exactly a 5 star charitable organization. Let's call it, two. Actually, Charity Navigator gave it that rating. Maybe it's because they won't let anyone audit it? Maybe it's because, by their own pdf admission, only 31% of their funds actually go to helping anyone - I mean, other than to pay for 'expenses'.

Now, sure The Lord's Resistance Army is one of the more sick and twisted atrocity throwing group of bad men on the planet. If you wanted to find a worse example of humanity than that guy, and that group, you'd be pushing Pol Pot out of the way -- but how can anyone who was against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan suddenly want, nay, demand that we send US troops --- er, MORE, US Troops to Uganda?

Look, feel free to throw your money to stop the killings, but do your homework first. Here, I'll do it for you.

Romney No KO, GOP Nom Still to Go

Mitt Romney managed to fend off embarrassment by eking out a win in Ohio following a hard-fought bout with Rick "okay, you can google me now" Santorum for first place in the Buckeye State.

But in taking his sweet time to unseat Santorum, who had been holding steady at number one for a significant portion of the night — and even then hanging on by a single percentage point — Romney may have weakened his standing as the presumptive GOP frontrunner. At the very least, it might be a green light to the print shop to start running those Romney/Santorum bumper stickers.

Why? Because Santorum snagged two important victories in Oklahoma and Tennessee, and North Dakota.

Romney, predictably won Massachusetts, Vermont, Virginia, and Idaho. That's according to script.

Also, Georgia was on Newt Gingrich's mind even if his vote percentage was a disappointing 47%.

Ron Paul, meanwhile, remains winless. But there's always hope for a better day.

The results are still out in Alaska, but Romney looks headed for victory there. He’ll need all the delegates he can get: The road to 1144 is getting longer by the primary.

In other election news, Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D-OH) will face Samuel “Joe the Plumber” Wurzelbacher in the race to represent Ohio’s 9th congressional district after she defeated Rep. Dennis Kucinich, whose district will be abolished later this year.  The end of an era.

Mar 6, 2012

Who Said It?

Spiderman vs. The Wall

The Wall, you ask, daring readers? Well the picture above is the Wailing Wall - the one below is from the Electric Company. 

From The Wall was once a happy high school student named Joshua with an after-school job. His job was to haul cement for his boss, whom I shall name insane-scientist-moonlighting-as-construction-worker, (or Ismac). Ismac had a bunch of test tubes set up at some construction site, where he was also working part-time. Ismac also dressed exactly like Charlie Brown under his scientific labcoat as he worked construction. And the union let him get away with it.

Funny, I learned that Spiderman is Jewish, and also a Mets fan. Aunt May always seemed so Catholic to me.