Aug 25, 2010

Cubs Create Peanut, Win, Free Zone

One little girl with a peanut allergy creates a special area for herself. It's not like someone was smoking...

Frankly, I'm surprised that the Cubs didn't just fold completely and ban the substance - it's a legume - not a nut, from the Friendly Confines?

It only takes one letter? Shouldn't this be in the form of a petition? With lots and LOTS of signatures? A community of allergic little girls who come out of their bubbles to go to the ball game? Or how about ONE game for allergic kids?

So pretty soon we'll have to sing, "Buy me some hot dogs and cracker-jack," because no one will know what the hell a peanut is. And doesn't Cracker-Jack have peanuts in it too? But when's the last time you saw Cracker Jack being sold at Wrigley. At least a couple years. Maybe it should be, "buy me an 8 dollar Bud Lite and Italian-Ice?" So much for peanuts.

Good science knows, they've already created a Lou Piniella free zone... and they've been fairly successful at creating a win free zone too.

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