May 7, 2009


Damn it, Manny. Why do you continue to prove me right?

He's a dirty cheat and a liar.

Steroid suspension likely to cost him Hall of Fame as well as $8 million

But you know who I'm really crying for? The Dodgers. They were 54-54 before trading for Ramirez at the July 31 deadline. They have gone 55-36 since then, including a first-round sweep of the Cubs in the playoffs. In case you didn't remember that, Chicago readers.

Ramirez won't be back until July 3. It won't be enough time for the San Francisco Giants and the Arizona Diamondbacks to make a run up the National League West standings. Unless the Dodgers really feel bad and start really sucking until the All Star Break. Even if the Giants or someone else is capable of making a run at the Dodger's spot, having Ramirez in the second half of the season should be enough to allow the Dodgers to win the weak West again.

The lasting damage here will be to Ramirez's reputation, not the 2009 Dodgers.

You know, I can't even think that Manny even has a rep to tarnish at this point?
What'r your thoughts?

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Candyman said...

Dumbass is right