Apr 24, 2009

Pakistan's Nuclear Threat?

So, uh, is anyone concerned that the Taliban has taken a town about 70 miles from the capital, Islamabad? The Taliban have taken the Burner district, where Shari’a law or strict Islamic law has been implemented? Anyone concerned about that?

Reports are coming in that armed militants are patrolling the streets. Pakistani television stations aired footage of Taliban soldiers looting government offices and capturing vehicles belonging to aid organizations. The police say residents are nowhere to be seen.

Uh, anyone care that the State of Pakistan is within a good march of falling?

And, just a quick reminder to toss out there – Pakistan is a nuclear state. Yeah, sorry. Had to toss that out there. Anyone looking into this?

Oh, I know I shouldn't fear anything – someone asked Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman Admiral Mike Mullen last year. He said, "I'm very comfortable that the nuclear weapons in Pakistan are secure," he said flatly.

But when someone asked the same question earlier this month, his answer had changed. "I'm reasonably comfortable that the nuclear weapons are secure."

Hmmm… see what he did there? He switched "very" to "reasonably"?

There’s a guess that Pakistan ‘might’ have about 100 weapons, give or take an egg carton here and there.

Oh, sure the detonators are kept in one place, and the warheads are in another… and the missiles are in a third location. Which, to me feels, about as secure as the fifty year old levies holding the water out of New Orleans. Which is below sea level. And there's a hurricane about 70 miles away.

Just wondering if there’s ANY one who’s keeping tabs on this – vs. watching Jack Black in drag sing a karaoke singing contest?

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