Sep 3, 2010

BP School Yard Logic

In a cunning move, BP announced that unless the ban on drilling is lifted, they'll have no lunch money to give to the Big Bully Government.

BP, you'll remember spilled about 500 million gallons into the Big Bully's pool at a birthday party, and BP pledged that they'd pay to clean it up. Meantime, Big Bully said that BP couldn't come over anymore and play 'dig for oil' at their house anymore... something like that.

Comes down to this, BP won't pay unless they get to play.

Seems like there's still some swagger in BP's step? It's hard to side with either of these two characters - since they're both doo-doo heads wrecking everyone else's fun.

So instead - I'll note the reader response to this story lifted from NYTimes -- which, when I read it, reminded me that no one has ever made it through Atlas Shrugged or knows what's going on in Venezuela. This comment to Nationalize BP is as short sited, shrill and ignorant as anything ANYTHING I've seen on the Right-Kook-Fringe† side of the carpet for a long, long time. I say, ship this reader to Hugo, for a year. See if he still agrees with his little casual comment about nationalizing a company.

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