Aug 23, 2010

Venezuela More Deadly Than Iraq

Big story in the New York Times, wondering why Hugo Chavez's Venezuela ha a higher death count than Iraq...

Off the bat, it's a socialist regime - law and order is the last order of business.

Hugo's answer to the photos of death and funerals? No more photos of death and funerals. Seems like an easy sweep under the rug, doesn't it?

I think US'Mericans take their liberties for granted. Most US'Mericans can't even grab the concept of an overly oppressive government on one hand -- controlling media and nationalizing industries whenever they see fit, and ignoring their other governmental duties - such as defense and general security...

Hold on, the more I read this article -- it sounds an awful lot like the City of Chicago, doesn't it?

You know who else is from Chicago? Discuss.

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