Aug 1, 2010

Sunday Comics - The Week in Review

Here's the stories I didn't get to or could be summed up better in cartoon form for you...
We learned that John Kerry's a Tax Cheat. And doesn't buy American.Bill and Hillary's daughter was married...
Arizona continues to be scrutinized because of their controversial new law. Apparently a judge has taken a line item veto to some of the provisions - because that's about as Constitutional as the law that they're railing against. I'm sure this is far from over. But in the meantime, the folks in AZ don't need a permit to conceal carry. Wonder if the two laws are just a coincidence, or if they're actively trying to court the Tea Party types to move out to the desert?
Meantime, Pentagon Papers 2010 came out. Talk about giving comfort to the enemy... oh well, I'm sure once they find the leaker(s) they'll have a public execution for them. What, we don't do that anymore?
The sitting president went on the View. Given the President's current track record, I wonder if the View will be renewed for another season after that?

And Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi drained the swamp of Rangel... 13 ethics violations. Perhaps a TAD too late?

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