Aug 22, 2010

Left Behind

Black Males – Failing in Public Education

The 2010 Schott study has been released detailing the dire state of Black males in public education.

This isn't a black issue, it's an American issue. If a farmer had 50% of his product not even make it to the marketplace - that farmer wouldn't be in business very long. That's exactly what we ALL need to be thinking. Unless major changes in our attitudes toward the success of the African Male are not changed quickly - we're all going to lose. And I'm not talking about race riots or everyone buying security systems for their homes -- I mean if we can only hope or expect half of a class to have a success rate across the High School finish line, that speaks volumes of what America has become, and speaks a library of where we're headed.

Simply stated: The words 'volumes' and 'library' will not be words Americans will be using in the future.

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