Sep 1, 2009

Fan-fuggin-Tastic Four Gets Reset

As Disney distracts us by swallowing up the entire Marvel Universe, Variety is reporting that Fantastic Four will be rebooted.

Settle down, it's being overseen by Michael Green, one of the 'Heroes' co-executive producers. This means it will start out great, but putter out.

And after the Hulk re-boot, which didn't actually make a whole lot of money over the Ang Lee Hulk, why are they beating this dead horse? They think they'll get more money out of it?There's no word if Chikils or Jessica Alba will be retained. Seems unlikely.

Look, Fantastic Four is the way out psychedelic 60's 'power cosmic' book - the way out there stuff. The sixties hazy van kind of book. Deep thoughts peppered with family banter. It doesn't make a good cartoon, and it makes for pretty lousy films too. Spiderman works because he's just a kid, like the comic book reader, who has to try to live his life and fight the Vulture on his lunch hour.

It probably doesn't help that their main villain is Dr. Doom. Doctor Doom the most iconic name, which evokes fear and cheesy laughs, but is the best villain in all comicdom. He's a cat who got kicked out of his undergrad college and conquered his native home country of Latveria. Wait how can he be a doctor if he didn't even get an undergraduate degree? But something everyone forgets is that Dr. Doom is the best all time comic evil genius. He's got technology and magic powers. He's got Iron Man's armor, and the financials of an entire country backing his plans. The only thing holding him back from world domination is the insane jealousy of Reed Richards. Oh, and the devil, but let's not get into that right now.

About this reboot and all Marvel comic reboots? “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Albert Einstein.


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