Apr 29, 2012

The Week In Review: Sunday Comics

Well, we made it to the end of the week.

Walmart got nailed with a report that they paid out $24 million *shock* bribes to Mexican officials, to achieve market domination there. U.S. authorities, smelling blood in the water, are going to fall over each other to attack the execs. Wonder if they'll figure out that this is standard operating procedure across the world and Chicago?

It was a pretty bad week for Nicolas Sarkozy. The austerity-promoting, celebrity-marrying French president is trailing Socialist leader Francois Hollande heading into a May 6 run-off, and many expect Sarko is on the way out. Who is Hollande? A sauce at brunch? The follow-up after Dominique Strauss-Kahn was accused of sexual assault...

Sudan and South Sudan, following a two-decade civil war finally stopped in 2005 - are back on the brink of all-out war. How come? Oil. And it's right in-between the two of them. Heaven forbid they, you know, share? Nah, much easier to kill each other.

SCOTUS is looking into whether Arizona's law to uphold Federal law is unconstitutional or not. Bummer for Mr. Obama - he's still got the same lawyer who bungled the ObamaCare case. The law, which Mr. Obama doesn't like, which lets cops demand the documents of suspected illegal immigrants. Sure, it promotes racial profiling. But, it's not worse than Alabama's radical immigration law, is it? Guess that'll be round two?

"Here's a fundamental fact of the 2012 presidential race," said Chris Cillizza at The Washington Post: "President Obama is cool. Mitt Romney isn't." And to prove his hipster awesomeness, Mr. Obama rapped at Rolling Stone, slow jammed the news on Jimmy Fallon's late-night show, and went to campus - a lot of campuses - to offer free money for college, that Pelosi had set up to expire just in case they didn't have the House in 2012. Heaven forbid colleges made cuts, rather than raising their prices. Maybe if Romney wears some flannel and takes a Mr. Fix-It/Joe Plumber image, it'll counter the jet-setting Al Green Too Cool for School image of Mr. Obama.

And the Administration must be a 'little' concerned, because they rolled out Bin Laden as a campaign issue - and even had Bill Clinton narrate the spot. Cheap shot? You bet. Will it work? It could backfire - or backlash - as the act should have spoken for itself. Maybe the Commander in Chief could take a note from the troops that carried it out?

The NBA playoffs began, and ended for the Bulls. D. Rose's ACL tore about a minute and two ticks before the final buzzer of game one. Is that it for the Bulls? They've been working without him most of this lockout-shortened 66-game regular season. They're tied with San Antonio for the best record (50-16) -- but then there's LeBron James' Miami Heat, Kevin Durant's Oklahoma City Thunder, or even the Lakers, who start without Metta World Peace, suspended for getting caught elbowing.

Well, that's the end of the review, hope to see you here next week!

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