Apr 8, 2012

Ironic Accidental Hanging

A Brazilian actor playing Judas was seriously injured Saturday when he accidentally hanged himself during a Bible scene in which his character commits suicide after betraying Jesus, a report said.

The actor, identified as Tiago Klimeck, apparently confused which cord he should use, and remained hanging for several minutes during a performance of "The Passion of Christ" in the city of Itarare, police told news website G1.

The man's colleagues did not react immediately while he hung unconscious, believing the actor was still playing the role of Judas.

Klimeck was rushed to a hospital, where he remains in serious condition, the news site reported.

No word if he was paid his 30 pieces of silver before or after the incident.

1 comment:

ChefNick said...

That's hilarious. Too bad they hadn't nailed him to a cross, then gone home after the performance and forgotten about him.

Then maybe someone could have discovered him in the morning, given him CPR and it could have become the Second Coming of Jesus!

Oh no, I forgot that already happened on his second date with his first-ever girlfriend.