Nov 22, 2011

Butterflies and Pepper Spray

File under current events. Vandalism. Street Art.

It's a Banksy of the now-infamous pepper-spraying incident that occurred in the quad last week at UC Davis. I still think Officer Pike was just pissed that he was running late for bowling night.

Was Pike a dick? Absolutely. Should the other cops shut him down? You bet. But like I said last week - when people are fighting and dying in Egypt, a couple students who are protesting their tuition being too high doesn't have too much weight to it. To me anyway.  

1 comment:

Cthulhu said...


That is a mega sweet graphic!
Reminds me of Yellow Submarine

Sadly, love and hapy thoughts don't turn bulets into butterflies.

As for Pike, why did no one bash him in the fazazking head, or at least take his spraygun away from him.