Feb 2, 2011

Blood in Egypt

Bloodbath In Egypt: 300 Feared Dead And 500 Injured As Mubarak Mob Attack Peaceful Protesters

* Army turns water cannon on protesters in desperate bid to end violence
* Mubarak supports charge Liberation Square on horses and camels
* Rocks and concrete blocks hurled at pro-democracy demonstration
* World leaders call for calm as situation spirals out of control

Thousands of supporters of President Hosni Mubarak today attacked anti-government protesters as fresh turmoil gripped Egypt.

Backers of the president, who last night agreed to relinquish his grip on power, fought with the crowds in Cairo's Tahrir (Liberation) Square, at least 500 injured.

Some rode into the ranks on horses and camels and wielding whips. In chaotic scenes, they pelted each other with stones, large sticks and machetes.

The death toll since protests began is now believed to have hit 300.

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