Jun 6, 2010

Sunday Comics: Week in Review

Ah what a week it's been if you've been paying attention.

The Blago circus opened the tent. I know most folks are thinking, hey, it's just Illinois. Wrong. This is National Politics, and the Chicago Machine that is running the country. This is how Obama Governs... and the current DNC. And since Blago has proven that he's a 'wild card', if he's going down, he'll gladly pull down the main poll and bring the tent down with him. This is going to be an awesome circus.
And now here are some useless numbers pulled out of some graphic designer's ass...
Look, a moped in space would require oxygen to complete the internal combustion - oh. Well, here's something else to ponder Mrs. PhotoShop - that number you spout out is one day and a half of USA's consumption. Other than the dead birds, it's a minor inconvenience. Speaking of...
Maybe Mr. Obama shouldn't have been so harsh about Katrina? Nah, helped him get elected. But let's keep an eye on how well that bites him in the ass in a couple years. And I hear Bobby Jindal's doing a heck of a job organizing clean up efforts. Heck, He even asked Obama To End Moratorium On Deepwater Drilling.
Is this the Grog and Hizzog that George Bush thought would begin the Armageddon? Nope, just another day in Gaza. But speaking of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse...
Pretty much everyone knows that the North sunk the South's ship. Iran saber rattles some more. There are five open fronts on the 'War on Terror' and Israel is sinking 'peace floats'. Oh, and the world economy is in the crapper. It's like some little kid has been setting up dominoes...

Hey single ladies, Al Gore is available! Get your hands up...
Eric Holder can't read. At least, that's what I've been told about it.

The Sestak Offer continues to have ZERO traction. But at least he created a job finally.
I'm personally pissed that my State has cut library funding... so I'll just have to buy more books.

Oh, and everyone was supposed to have quit Facebook this week.
Great week everyone. Let's do it again next week.

Oh, and today was D-Day. Thank a WWII vet if you know one.

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