Jan 6, 2010

3 Democrats — 2 senators, 1 governor — to Retreat, er, Retire

With the 2010 election year barely under way, two senators and one governor — all Democrats — ditched plans to run for re-election in the latest signs of trouble the Democrats. My guess is that, like every heist movie, they've decided that the bags are heavy enough and it's time to run.

Chris Dodd of Connecticut and Byron Dorgan of North Dakota were seen running for the exits with their bags of money, saying their work was done. Plus, Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter bailed for the lifeboat as Democrats see a struggle to defend themselves. They must be amazed that the people are actually paying attention?

Dodd's political problems started when he ran for president, which doesn't really play well at home, and further compounded later in 2008 when it was revealed that he had been included in a special VIP mortgage loan program by Countrywide CEO Angelo Mozilo. Dodd insisted he was unaware of his inclusion and he was cleared of any wrongdoing by the Senate Ethics Committee. "Oh, was that sweetheart .01% mortgage deal wrong? Really?" He was playing around with the Healthcare bill, was right in the middle of the AIG situation, and who knows what else he's done behind closed doors? Luckily, the political damage has been done. His constituents are finally paying attention. Well - Bye!

Like the folks who think that Dick Cheney and his cohorts should stand trial for their actions, I say, if you're going to pursue Cheney, you have to go after Dodd too. Dodd's done more damage to the American people than anyone in the Al Queda organization. But like every politician in DC, they take their cash, and ride off in a limo waving their middle finger at the rest of us 'little people'. That is, all except for Nixon. They had to airlift his ass out.

But get off your chairs, my Democrat friends, there are six Republican Senators retiring as well. Florida, Ohio, Missouri, New Hampshire, Kansas and Kentucky, are not running for re-election in 2010. Apparently they're either making way for the newly branded "libertarian" styled Republicans?

Either way, I'm fairly certain I have proclaimed that they would come in, take as much as they possibly could, announce retirement - sit on their 196 foot yachts and sip martinis as the Zombie Apocalypse begins. I guess they figured out that zombies don't surf? I, for one, am all for giving those Zombies Ski-Doos to right that which is wrong.

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RushSays said...

Chris has three D's in his name.

God only needs one.