Jan 15, 2012

The Week In Review: Sunday Comics

Great metaphor for our times?
First off, after Tebow's performance last night, I expect him to show up to his receivers and explain himself, then disappear for 2000 some-odd years. I can hope, anyway.

Then there were those folks on a cruise who are going to be asking for a refund. They only got half of their Poseidon Adventure. Especially when they found out Gene Hackman wasn't going to make it.

And speaking of pissed off - have you seen the video of the snipers pissing on the corpses of the dead Taliban fighters? Do you find it mildly entertaining that there's far more outrage about the act of urination over the act of murder in wartime?  Maybe the Marines need to show what foul and inhumane atrocities these corpses committed before they went to the afterlife? Rape, mayhem, rape, murder and rape, perhaps? Maybe, I'll say just maybe, the sniper team was expressing their displeasure with these enemy soldiers and were explaining it to them? Maybe these Taliban fighters bodies needed phosphorus to help them decompose in the desert? I think the better lesson to be learned here is to NOT VIDEO TAPE EVERYTHING? If they're court marshaled (and history says they probably won't be) it'll because of their mistake of video taping it.

Not news, but in a re-cap it is, Romney took New Hampshire. It was like New England at home folks. In fact, one of Mitt's vacation homes are in New Hampshire. This is about as news worthy as "Snowstorm in January," in Chicago. What'll be bigger news is just how much the evangelical vote is broken up between Rick "Don't google me" Santorum, Newt "No, really, I'm a Christian Conservative" Gingrich and Rick "why the hell am I still in this" Perry in South Carolina. Expect Ron Paul and Mitt to take the two top spots again. Actually, isn't it who's SuperPAC is winning?

Mrs. Obama got angry about being called an "angry black woman" in a new book coming out about the supposed failures of the Obama Administration. Total coincidence - but Bill Daley resigned adding to a large list of White House departures. But that's totally coincidental, and has nothing to do with Michelle. Nothing.

And the Administration is totally against the SOPA/PIPA bills - I figure just like they were against the Bill of Rights ending NDPA, right?

Microsoft continued it's slow ramp down to irrelevance this week when they announced during their big announcement that this would be their last announcement at CES. Well, that's news, apparently. Microsoft still seems to think that teaming up with Nokia will make them a contender against Apple Fundamentalists? On their best day, they should concentrate on finally knocking RIM off the playing field, and worry about Apple and Android the way the Cubs worry about beating the Yankees or the Red Sox in next year's World Series.

Singer Beyonce and Singer Jay-Z gave birth to an untalented fully developed zygote: Babyonce. The announcement was newsworthy because the father wrote a song about it, and also their demands on the hospital staff apparently prevented premature babies the critical care that they needed. What're you going to do about it, baby? You going to cry? What's that? You can't breathe oxygen so good? Waaah.

Speaking of whining - France's Credit Rating was cut down a bit. So much for all that cheer leading about the turn around?

Since we're talking about Europe - here's one that missed the radar... US is withdrawing 2 Brigades. I don't know, I mean, are we sure that Europe is secure? I mean, it's only been 20 years since the Cold War ended, and about 60 since the end of WWII. I guess it's only a matter of time now until Germany takes France back -- but this time it'll be a foreclosure, not a military campaign. Well, it's okay, they'll find work despite somewhere, despite the cutbacks (there's humor in the link)

And Hostess, maker of Twinkies and Wonder Bread filed for Chapter 11. Mostly because of overweight pensions (like American Airlines or say, Europe), not because of a lack of overweight customers - Wonder if they'll use the Twinkie Defense?

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