Jan 13, 2012

Heinz 57? What's That About?

What is the secret behind the 57 in Heinz 57?

Henry J. Heinz was selling surplus food out of his mother's garden in 1844. He was trained as a bricklayer, but making horseradish was where he got really into selling. He'd take the labor out of making the stuff - and showed off the quality using clear glass. Horseradish was prized for it's medicinal and food improvement properties, but it was a pain in the ass to make it. (sources)

Henry quickly diversified his business to include pickles and vinegar - but one day a marketing explosion fell into Henry J. Heinz's brainpan. He saw an ad for shoes claiming “21 styles.” So - he came up with "57 varieties” of products, and now had a magic number. So, you've only ever seen the ketchup -- maybe once you saw Heinz baked beans in Ringo's suitcase? Perhaps Roger Daltry in a Who album? Well, what the hell are all those varieties, anyway? Glad you asked, because I was curious too. Ready:
  1. Heinz Oven-Baked Beans with Pork and Tomato Sauce
  2. Heinz Oven-Baked Beans without Tomato Sauce, with Pork--Boston Style
  3. Heinz Oven-Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce without Meat--Vegetarian
  4. Heinz Oven-Baked Red Kidney Beans
  5. Heinz Cream of Asparagus
  6. Heinz Cream of Celery Soup
  7. Heinz Cream of Green Pea Soup
  8. Heinz Cream of Mushroom
  9. Heinz Cream of Oyster
  10. Heinz Cream of Tomato Soup
  11. Heinz Bean Soup
  12. Heinz Beef Broth
  13. Heinz Clam Chowder
  14. Heinz Gumbo Creole
  15. Heinz Mock Turtle Soup
  16. Heinz Scotch Broth
  17. Heinz Noodle Soup
  18. Heinz Pepper Pot Soup
  19. Heinz Vegetable Soup
  20. Heinz Consomme
  21. Heinz Onion Soup
  22. Heinz Mince Meat
  23. Heinz Puddings--Date, Fig, and Plum
  24. Heinz Peanut Butter
  25. Heinz Cooked Spaghetti
  26. Heinz Cooked Macaroni
  27. Heinz Pure Jellies
  28. Heinz Apple Butter
  29. Heinz Gherkins--Sweet or Sour
  30. Heinz Gherkins--Sweet or Sour
  31. Heinz Mixed Pickles--Sweet or Sour
  32. Heinz Chow Chow Pickle
  33. Heinz Sweet Mustard Pickle
  34. Heinz Dill Pickles
  35. Heinz Fresh Cucumber Pickle
  36. Heinz Strained Foods
  37. Heinz India Relish
  38. Heinz Sandwich Spread
  39. Heinz Pickled Onions--Sweet and Sour
  40. Heinz Spanish Queen Olives
  41. Heinz Stuffed Spanish Olives
  42. Heinz Ripe Olives
  43. Heinz Pure Spanish Olive Oil
  44. Heinz Tomato Ketchup
  45. Heinz Chili Sauce
  46. Heinz Beefsteak Sauce*
  47. Heinz Pepper Sauce--Red or Green
  48. Heinz Worcestershire Sauce
  49. Heinz Prepared Mustard--Brown or Yellow
  50. Heinz Evaporated Horseradish
  51. Heinz Mayonnaise
  52. Heinz Pure Malt Vinegar
  53. Heinz Pure Cider Vinegar
  54. Heinz Distilled White Vinegar
  55. Heinz Tarragon Vinegar
  56. Heinz Rice Flakes
  57. Heinz Breakfast Wheat
  58. Heinz Tomato Juice
So you're wondering, Dude - Did Heinz drive a dumptruck of cash up to the bunker for you to write about them today? Nope. Just wondering. Since I looked it up, thought I'd share. So - there you go.

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