Feb 15, 2011

Hypocrite Hillary

The Blaspheme's Hypocrite of the Week is Hillary Clinton.

She went and gave a speech about setting up
a fund to help internet rebellions, (as long as they're not domestic Tea Party types, of course) The U.S. will help “people in oppressive Internet environments get around filters, stay one step ahead of the censors, the hackers, and the thugs who beat them up or imprison them for what they say online,” she said yesterday.

Clinton announced the creation of a State Department office for Cyber Issues that will be headed by Christopher Painter, an official on President Barack Obama’s National Security Council and former federal prosecutor specializing in computer crime.

American government's leadership in the cause of online freedom seems a tad hampered by things like their handling of the Wikileaks situation and even the mere whisper of Congress implementing an Internet kill switch in the US.

Also, if American companies sell firewalls and tough crackdown software to dictators - and the tax dollars on the sale goes to the people being oppressed to fight that cyber oppression that we sold them - does that seem a tad bit off the charts of stupidity? Or is it merely the most convoluted way to spur industry, the way only an American can understand?

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