Nov 24, 2010

So Here's The Deal...

It seems that anyone who is against having their three year old daughter or self to be either 1) photographed naked or 2) given an aggressive pat down by government agents - is to be considered a threat to the Patriot Act. And, anyone speaking out on the issue is a "moron." I actually read on the Facebook this morning...

"Prudes & paranoids exacerbate the stress of travel by getting in the way of angry people trying to see their families."

The response below was a pile of 'likes' and "ha ha... stupid people are stupid."

It seems it's all just a non issue anyway as the TSA has declared that 'Opt-Out Day' is a Bust. According to the TSA's "Blogger Bob," basically nobody is choosing to opt out of the advance screening at airports across the country despite "National Opt-Out Day". Some airports report zero opt-outs. So much for the uprising. []

So it seems Americans are shouting,
"Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death -- unless I have a plane to catch..."

~ Random American in line 2010.

Well, let me tell you why I'm jumping on this particular bandwagon. Yes, I know it's just playing into the hands of the fear mongers who want their buddies to get a government contract. I pointed that out earlier today... It's just that we're running dangerously low on "last" straws. If you look in-between some of those needles, you can probably count the straws that are left on one hand. The straw is what's left of the 'freedom' that the United States is not allowed to take away from you without due process.

We've already given up a lot of liberties with the Patriot Act. With the stroke of a pen, the Big Brother paranoid delusion got much more tangent and better funded. That's the day or two after the Towers Fell.

Prior to that, to anyone paying any attention, the government had already decided to trample their citizen's liberties and rights when they went to Ruby Ridge and attacked the Koresh Compound at Waco. Further liberties where whittled away after Timothy McVey and his unknown supporters responded to the government attacks on it's citizens with violence of their own. All that accomplished was an excuse for Mr. Clinton to sign both the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act [1994] and the Anti-Terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act of 1996. There's also that nasty little "Three Strikes" provision sandwiched in there somewhere. The forth amendment was handcuffed to the radiator while the ATF looked for evidence - without a warrant, just good faith - found none, and the 4th had no recourse to complain. Haven't heard much about the 4th standing up for itself much lately after that.

Warrant-less wiretaps and cameras on every intersection came next. A nifty side benefit, those cameras can actually pay for themselves if you make a right turn on red. Seriously, next time you're at a stoplight in a major city look carefully at the hardware on the line. I was casually told by a fireman that most of Chicago intersections are streaming a video feed.

Then we had the shoe and Christmas panty bomber attempts - both of these fine human beings boarded internationally. Both were thwarted by their fellow passengers - our true last line of defense. Justification for the "porno-scanners" even though security screening missed them and also the original 9/11 attackers? You bet.

Never mind the no-board list. That's a computer terminal hooked up to make it look like we're safer. Oh and those Air Marshals? All 4,000 Air Marshalls make 4 arrests per year. Not 4 per Air Marshall, 4 total. That's roughly $200,000,000 per arrest. Good job, men. Oh, and guys, please don't leave loaded weapons or full clips on the planes.

In the meantime - since America has Bi-Polar Disorder - Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani was acquitted Wednesday of all but one count of conspiracy-related charges in a landmark civilian trial involving the first Guantanamo detainee to be tried in civilian court. One count. Well, because if the prosecution had used certain evidence against him - it would have violated his Fifth Amendment rights.

So, a non-citizen, who was convicted of conspiring to kill 248 people - and the bomb he conspired to set off that 'accidentally' killed 248 people - was given Constitutional rights, and murdered 248 people... er, no, conspired to -- While a three year old natural born citizen of the United States is flagged to either be photographed or molested because a computer flagged him as a threat to national security on a domestic flight to see his grandma?

A non-citizen terrorist was given Constitutional rights,
while citizens are losing theirs.

The bad guys have made their point, their attack, and they are winning. They are killing the West with 1000 cuts -- and even boasted exactly that point the other day in a press release! With a mere $4,200 dollars in three BOTCHED attacks, they are bankrupting the West while we run the Constitution in the shredder so that they'll love us.
"To bring down America we do not need to strike big, with the security phobia that is sweeping America, it is more feasible to stage smaller attacks that involve less players and less time to launch." Of the cargo attacks, the AP reports that the target was economic: "We knew that cargo planes are staffed by only a pilot and a co-pilot, so our objective was not to cause maximum casualties but to cause maximum losses to the American economy."
We're hemorrhaging our freedom. Our lifeblood. The Al Qaeda even called their new strategy "OPERATION HEMORRHAGE!"

But, hold on a tick - they're taking the credit for the Mortgage Crisis now? That's a little bold. It's not like they've got a Weather Dominator or - wait, maybe they'll take credit for Katrina too. Frankly, why are we afraid of these morons?

The bigger enemy is ourselves - and what we're allowing our government to take away from us, with nary a peep of discontent or displeasure.

If we don't pick a final straw and stand on it with all our might, we should just throw in the towel called Bill of Rights and just pay our taxes and die like we're supposed to.


Anonymous said...

Fellow Americans: get some balls instead of letting the government grope yours and steal them away.

America is not a place for cowards willing to endure any form of embarrassment and humiliation to avoid the slightest risk of possible death by some insanely small statistical chance.

To those who think the TSA activities are "necessary": Even if terrorists were blowing up 1 plane EVERY MONTH. Your chances of being on that plane would be less than 1 in 850,000. There are 850,000 commercial airline flights EVERY MONTH you stupid, stupid scared little rabbits. (aource If you are scared of airplane terrorism you are scared of a statistically minuscule thing.

You are more likely to die in your car on the highway driving home by being hit by the idiots next to you on his cell phone that being blown up by terrorists in an airplane. Ironically it is now coming out that you ARE MORE LIKELY TO DIE OF SKIN CANCER CAUSED BY THE NEW XRAY BODY SCANNERS THAN BY TERRORISM THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO PREVENT.

anononaut said...

Guess what one day you WILL die so get the fuck over it and enjoy your life and learn to live with the reality of risk.

They should frankly abolish ALL airplane security. There is no need for any of it. It has proven throughout the years to never stop terrorism. NEVER EVER EVER. Think about it ever since it began decades ago every airplane security checkpoint system whether baggage inspection, metal detectors, profiling, and no scanners (yes they have already been defeated so they are doing it for nothing) has easily and simply being avoided by the next person who wanted to evade it.

The current body scanners and grope down checks don't detect explosives up the anus which terrorists now are using in the middle east to make attacks. Will you next allow the TSA to probe your rectum?

It's just an excuse to look through your stuff and arrest you for other things.

If ANY search was truly just for terrorism they would make it illegal to use as evidence for your prosecution any non terrorism related evidence found on your when you go through these searches which are excuses for revenue generation for government contracts and the sale of seized assets whihc amount to BILLIONS every year.

Here's the deal you chicken shits who want airline scanners. America is not the place for ytou. You need to go to babyland and live in a safe little box where a computer programmed as your mommy can nipple feed you with fake baby formula until you die. America is not the place for you.

America is for Cowboys. TSA scanner lovers - you are just pussies. Go wet your pants.