Nov 20, 2010

Daisy 2010

It’s from the American Values Network, a hard-left progressive faith group:

Burns Strider, the group’s founder, was a former aide to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and was a faith advisor to the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign. In other words, this is a Democratic ad blitz using the most outlandish fearmongering imaginable. The original “Daisy Girl” ran at the height of the Cold War. It came in response to Barry Goldwater’s bellicose comments on the use of nuclear weapons against the Soviets. There’s little of that kind of rhetoric in today’s GOP — and we’re not on the brink of a nuclear holocaust — and the ad’s claims on inspections under the new START are entirely dependent on Moscow’s compliance and transparency. When Obama signed the treaty in April, our Czech allies dissed it as “appeasing Russia.” “Trust Russia on START?”

Now, in case you missed it, here's the original scare the hell out of you ad from LBJ's camp against Barry Goldwater.

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