Jul 25, 2010

The Week In Review - Sunday Comics

Like most Sundays I try to toss a couple cartoons up to either cap off the week, or mention a few things that I missed - intentionally or not. So let's start off with the Mosque at Ground Zero, or near it. I showed everyone the video that some folks got banned because it was so over the top. I don't think things should be banned. CBS and NBC were fools not to take their money. Free Speech is one of those grand things that allows idiots to let everyone know exactly how foolish they are. Sarah Palin, David Duke, Mel Gibson - it's great to hear them tell us what they really think. And to solve the problem at Ground Zero, how about they just rebuild what was already there, and have no religious icons or gathering places anywhere near it?This week the Unemployment Benefits for millions of Democrat voters has been extended, even though no one's really sure how the Federal Government is paying for it. But the Democrats convinced everyone that it was the obstructionist Republicans who were stalling their checks. Good political win for the Democrats there!
There's been a lot of talk about the Black Panther voter intimidation case getting thrown out. I think John McCain and Sarah Palin did a better job, and I guess the judge agrees with me.
The Pork-u-lus bill doesn't seem to be working out.
Financial Reform was passed, but, lets be honest - it's just setting up the dominoes for next time.
And meanwhile Mr. Obama's poll numbers and his Super Powers are shrinking.
And meanwhile at Comicon - this happened.
Have a great week.

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