Jul 22, 2010

Nerd Counterprotest

Best Counterprotest of Westboro, ever. Fairly sure.

San Diego Comic-Con patrons take on the Westboro Baptist Church, who are in town to harangue attendees for false idol worship. (More photos here and here.) [from comicsalliance.]

I told you Nerds Hate Church. And apparently, also Westboro Baptists looking to egg on a lawsuit from a nerd.

Hey Westboro, friendly advice: if you're going to try to win a lawsuit from someone taking a swing at you - go to just about any NFL game and tell all the tailgaters how they're going to hell. You ought to get a big pile of lawsuits going - you won't have any teeth left - but I think that's the goal we're all going for here, right?

Just don't bother in front of Wrigley. We already know they're damned. They're cursed too, last I checked.

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