Jul 6, 2010

Internet Sales Tax

Massachusetts Rep. Bill Delahunt (re)introduced a bill called the "Main Street Fairness Act," which, not only is a stupid name for a bill, really ought to be called "Hey guys, I can't believe we're not taxing the Internet Act". The text of the bill still hasn't been released yet, but if passed, it would presumably set up a process where sales tax could be collected on purchases made over the Internet. As anyone who has shopped online over the past decade is probably aware, this has been an ongoing and thorny issue, since billions in online sales tax would provide a welcome revenue stream for States that are so deep in debt, they're making Greek debt look like a solid investment. California, Illinois I'm pointing and staring at both of you. I'll get to you next, New York.

Good old Internet sales tax, that Delahunt introduced way back in 2007 and that it's been an ongoing fight without much forward momentum as Audit the Fed... If you're for it, you can also take heart; as CNET notes, "With states scrambling for new sources of revenue during what may be a double-dip recession, pro-tax lobbyists are hoping that they'll have better luck this year."

"Democrats push for new Internet sales taxes" [CNET]

You know what, Mr. Delahunt, I go out of my way to make my purchases online to circumvent the cousin and cronies corruption tax. If you take that one method of protest away from me, I'm going to have to stop typing and start marching. And organizing. And you know what, you'll be on my list of incumbents to kick as far out of office as possible.

PS, You already got the internet kill switch - is this your idea of 'let's pour salt on it's grave?'

PPS, If you want to kill small businesses and innovation - this is better and quicker than mustard gas.

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