Jul 15, 2010

Banned Ground Zero Mosque Ad

NBC and CBS are refusing to air this anti-Ground Zero mosque ad from the National Republican Trust PAC. For some reason folks find it vulgar, racist, fearmongering garbage; "a nauseating embarrassment." It's like they want the terrorists to win?

But you know, I'd prefer to make that choice myself, as banning things never seems to sit well. Seems like something the Taliban would do? Meanwhile, I think that both sides of this argument are dicks. You can't be for the mosque without looking like a wimpy vegan Birkenstock douche. You can't be against the mosque without being a vulgar, racist, Republican. So, it's a no win.


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Cthulhu said...


Talk about weapons grade stupid.

So "They"=muslims=Sept 11 2001 attackers?

So why not just find the address for the folks who want to build the mosque--i.e. Al Queda--and bomb the shit out of them?

Then there will be no more bad people or prejudice or injustice, right?

Give me a f**king break.

I do not want any religulous structures on the site, but implying that all people of islam are murderers is like not forgiving my Jewish friends for the murder of Jeebus or blaming the death of Abortion clinic doctors on anyone who wears a cross around their neck.

Do not mistake me--I think nearly all those people--especially the mouthy ones who foist their views on others--are *ssholes, but put blame where it belongs; on fundamentally deranged individuals who cannot correctly interpret reality and who fear opposing viewpoints.

Most Mormons and Muslims oppress women. In my mind we can get rid of both groups and help the world out.

If anyone reads this, NO, your asenine views deserve no more respect because they come from "god" than if you believed that Purple pants are the only color that should be worn. Your poor understanding is as open to scorn as poor fashion sense.