Jun 22, 2010

Gun Training For Kids

The Republican endorsed candidate for Connecticut attorney general is advocating firearms training for children in schools, in Scout groups and in summer camps.

Avon attorney Martha Dean said if elected she would explore expanding gun accident prevention programs and rifle club teams in schools.

"As your Attorney General, I will advocate firearms training for boys and girls in schools, in scouts, at camp and elsewhere," she said at a Second Amendment rally in April. "We teach sex education in school, yet we omit the most basic skill needed to exercise fundamental constitutional rights."

Fellow Republican candidate Ross Garber on Monday assailed Dean's comments and said the office of attorney general should not be used to give guns to children or promote personal views.

"As the state's chief civil legal officer, the attorney general should focus on being a strong advocate for the state and its citizens, not pushing a personal political agenda," said Garber in a statement.

Dean stood by her earlier statements Monday, saying she's just a proponent of the laws written in the Constitution and that it was "false" and "intentionally misleading" for Garber to say she advocates giving weapons to children.

"Kids should know how to prevent accidents and they should have access to basic skills that are a part of our constitutional rights," she said.

George Jepsen, the Democrat endorsed candidate, said he objected to Dean's views. "Guns and juveniles should be a parental choice, not a governmental mandate," he said. Dean and Garber face each other in the state primary elections Aug. 10.

Now, I'm re-posting this story, because, naturally, someone has a problem with this idea and thinks that firearm safety is an absurd concept for children.

I disagree and say that firearm safety teaches children to respect weapons and not play with them.

Now, if we can do this with sex ed, we'll be all set. Right?


NeverMind said...

Wait a second, you mean politicians can be intelligent and come up with sound ideas? That's crazy talk!

www.albacete-3d.com said...

This will not actually have effect, I think so.

Kelly Spencer said...

Most of the parents are buying guns for their 5-10 years kids, but me at 16. My dad told me that if I want one, I have to get a job and earn it!