Jun 18, 2010

BP Better than the US Gov

Even after yesterday's congressional grandstanding, most still think that BP is more capable than the U.S. government when it comes to managing the Gulf disaster.

Which means a few people are paying attention.

The Federal government is not built to move quickly on anything, nor do they have the expertise that an oil company has. The governments job should be to set rules, boundaries and provide oversight and even to punish when something like this occurs.

Believing that someone wearing a black suit and $2.00 aviator sunglasses will step off a black helicopter, come in, take over, and plug up the leak is misguided and as goofy as believing the government caused it in the first place. In fact, more government involvement will only slow an already slow process down even further.

Just ask the folks who participated in 'helping' after Katrina.

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