Nov 29, 2009

Week in Review

Time for the Week in Review...

Democrats celebrated Thanksgiving on Thursday.
And the "High Holiday" season began the day after, much to the chagrin of Jesus....
Atheists started an ad campaign, which, for the life of me makes no sense:
Okay, creepy people with weird lips curled over their bleached white teeth is more off putting than any of the Jim Jones or Scientology pamphlets I've come across. And how do you have an ad campaign to not believe in something? Either you believe in something, or you don't. What's to gain with an advertisement? It's not like they're asking you to join a group, is it? Atheists don't gather on a Sunday to talk about what they don't believe in.

Last year's slogan “Why believe in a god? Just be good for goodness’ sake” was more effective, less inflammatory, and left it less open to wild interpretation from religious people who *may* find this as an attack. You shouldn't be able to argue with the logic that everyone should be accountable to oneself, no matter what or who they believe in. This year's campaign of “No God? No Problem!” is quite vague and confusing, especially with the accompanying image of people wearing Santa Claus hats.

Oh in other news, Blasphemes instituted a "are you Human" requirement to post... sorry about that guys. It's a real pain in the ass, I know.
That's the week that was... see you Monday.

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