May 13, 2009

Stroger Didn't Pay His, Why Should I?

IRS hits Stroger with $11,688.10 tax lien

Recently filed records show Cook County Board President Todd Stroger owes nearly $12,000 in unpaid income taxes, the Chicago Sun-Times is reporting.

Gene Mullins, a Stroger spokesman, said Stroger and his wife already have made plans to pay the tax man.

Wow. Am I shocked. Another Democrat doesn't pay his taxes?

To those of you not in Crook County, Todd is the person who raised Cook County's sales tax to 10.25% - the highest in the Nation. There was an attempt to roll that back the other day, but Todd vetoed it.

Well, maybe we wouldn't need the tax increase if the County could spend it a little better. Just this week the county had to pay out $490,000 to settle patronage abuse cases. The payouts resolve allegations that county Recorder of Deeds Eugene Moore laid off employees without political connections so he could protect others with clout.

Oh, and speaking of cousins and cronies...

Todd was in trouble and in the news - oh, yesterday, because his cousin and former CFO Mrs. Donna Dunnings could end up paying the legal tab of the troubled former steakhouse busboy at the center of a patronage controversy that he hasn't answered for.

See, a former busboy - Mrs. Dunning's boyfriend Tony Cole - was hired by Stroger and then promoted him. Todd then fired him after, Stroger said, he learned this month that Cole had lied on his job application about his criminal history. But the Stroger administration had that information as early as Nov. 20, it acknowledged last week. Oops.

The Fail is strong with Todd. But the joke is on us. Unless the voters of Cook County wake up and vote his incompetent, impotent ass out of his father's leather seat.


f. Claypool said...

The public deserves an explanation, He shouldn’t stonewall it or act like it is an insignificant matter when the federal government places tax liens on your home.

voice of the people said...

How is it that a person who can't manage their own finances is in charge of the people's money again? Maybe he should take some personal finance or money management classes before allowing any more voting on how to spend the peoples money!

Stroger should not be held up at a higher level of accountability for his personal issues, however, he should take responsibility for both his personal and professional lack of knowledge of money and finance.

TI said...

I've discovered that there are just two types of Democrats. They either live at or below the poverty level and rely heavily on the government for support or they are rich like Todd Stroger and do not pay their taxes!

I get a kick out of the posts here. Lets have a little reality here. In oder to get rid of Stroger you need to get out the vote at a higher rate than the supporters of the Democratic black caucus. Stroger could probably kill someone and they are going top keep him in that office.

ChicagoNick said...

What do any of you people expect?! He is a DEMOCRAT in CHICAGO! Just like Obama, Rahm, Daley, etc.! This is why Democrats love to raise taxes--they're not paying them anyways! When are people going to wake up and realize that these DEMOCRAT politicians are CROOKS!!! Stop voting these lying, cheating Democrats into office!!!