May 5, 2009

A New Face

This is Connie Culp, the first American to have a new face surgically implanted via a donor. Mrs. Culp was severely injured due to a shotgun blast care of her nut job criminal husband in 2004 leaving her like the picture on the left. On the right is several months after her surgery while still in the process of healing. I think it is pretty amazing that medical science has advanced this far. And no, I am not posting to make fun of her. That would be wrong and undeserved since she had nothing to do with his criminal act. I am posting this to see if anyone thinks this is unethical. Is it wrong to take a face or is it like taking any other organ from a donor? Could you look in the mirror everyday and live with what you see?


AAAAAAhhhhhhgggggggg!!!!!!!!! said...


Will Arnett said...

"Beauty is in the eye of"....oh god...I just threw up a bit in my mouth....she should throw herself in front of a bus