May 26, 2009

I'm Not Playing This Game!

In searching for car accessories I stumbled on this badly named game via the "outdoor adventure" section of the website. Anyone ever heard of this oddly named game? Make sure you read the last line of the ad to really get a good laugh:

It’s an addictively fun game played throughout the Midwest, but is quickly becoming a national phenomenon. It’s played similarly to horseshoes but is much safer. Opposing teams of one to two players toss corn-filled bags at slanted boards placed 30 feet apart. One point is achieved by landing a bag on the board and three points for a bag that goes through the hole. The first team to twenty-one wins!

The mission of American Cornhole is to bring premium quality game boards and bags to the world. Our sets appeal to both the enthusiast who has played the game competitively for years and the first-time player. With our Tournament Series game boards and premium SoftTouch™ bags, we are the new standard by which all other Cornhole games are measured.
And, by the way, YES, our Tournament Series game boards are proudly MADE IN THE U.S.A.
A new pastime is born...are you in?


Eazy E said...

There's a video game version of this too..for those of you who are too lazy to go out and play the actual game.

Dr. Dre said...

I prefer to call the game Bags..Cornhole sounds like a game that is played in prison on a daily basis.

WaffleMan said...

Are you in?

Sounds like YMCA locker room banter.

Cthulhu said...

Them Southern boys around here love to play 'em all some cornhole.

They learned it as youngin's & are all ways trying to get their offspring to play.

Personally, it just grosses me out.

Back in the good ol' Middle West we threw balls into cups!

smussyolay said...

amen, dr. dre. when i first heard of the game and people were calling it 'cornhole,' i was all ... 'um, you guys are playing WHAT?'

i like bags.