Jul 3, 2013

Not (exactly) Independence Day, in Egypt

As the Army ousts Egypt’s first Islamist president, 

The US State Department Declines to Identify Cairo Events as Early Stage of Coup.

The Obama administration sharply criticized Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi on Wednesday and pressed the Islamist leader to be "more responsive to the Egyptian people" and their demands for political change. However, that doesn't change the fact that Washington was very openly supporting Morsi before this... which is bad for the US.

U.S. officials, at the same time, declined to criticize the Egyptian military and what appear to be its mounting steps to curb Mr. Morsi's power, which could potentially force him from office.

The State Department declined to describe the events in Cairo as the early stages of a military coup. Such a designation could trigger significant curbs to U.S. aid to Egypt.

"It's important for President Morsi to listen to the Egyptian people," State Department spokeswoman Jennifer Psaki said. "We believe all sides need to take steps to talk to each other."

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The reign of Egypt’s first Islamist president came to an end late on Wednesday after he was pushed aside by the military. Too late for that "listening tour", eh?

Funny, wasn't Mr. Obama JUST on a speaking tour around Africa? They seem to have been completely blindsided with this -- again... Expect Ambassador Anne Patterson to be ousted in the next couple weeks.

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