Mar 5, 2013


Hugo Chavez has officially abandoned his office.

Venezuelan Vice President Says Chavez Was Infected With Cancer By Foes

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez was infected with cancer by "imperialist" enemies, his No. 2 alleged on Tuesday, adding that the socialist leader was suffering his hardest moments of a two-year battle against the disease.

Vice President Nicolas Maduro's accusations and somber prognosis came during a televised meeting of political and military leaders at the presidential palace amid speculation of an imminent end to Chavez's 14-year rule. (PS, Hugone)

"We have no doubt that commander Chavez was attacked with this illness," Maduro said, repeating a charge first made by Chavez himself that the cancer was an attack by "imperialist" foes in the United States in league with domestic enemies.

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Paranoid much? PS - if the US government is going to take you out, they don't let you linger for 2 years. That's just not their style.

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