Dec 14, 2012

NASA Says It's NOT the End of the World

Okay, we're now at the point where the US Government Space Agency needs to produce a video to explain *why* you're a moron... or me, or all of us. Well, especially the people who think that the World is Ending on the Winter Solstice - 12/21/12

NASA is so confident that the world will not end on that day, that it has already published their video explaining why the world didn't end, set to be published the day before. (We have our sources here at Blasphemes to get these sort of things in advance...)

I suppose they can always hedge their bets if they're wrong - simply on the idea that no one will be around to yell and holler at them for being wrong.

But do take note of the NATO troops heading to Turkey, and massing on the Syrian border....

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Cthulhu said...

Anyone who believes that the world is going to end b/c of some dumbass voodoo needs to just leave my f**king right now.

Go, run to your sky wizard or snake god, go ahead. Leave the normal people alone.