Sep 14, 2012

Why So Pissed?

Violent protests against the now infamous anti-Muslim video surprisingly haven't ended with flowery statements of peace from President Obama, or Mrs. Hillary. Thousands of demonstrators currently are assaulting U.S. and Western diplomatic compounds in Tunisia, Sudan, and Yemen, and authorities are trying to quell the attacks with tear gas and bullets.

Since Tuesday's fatal aggression by militants in Benghazi and Cairo, protests have spread to Afghanistan, India, Bahrain, Jordan, Iran, Iraq, Morocco, Kuwait, Syria, Pakistan, and Qatar.

The message of the American flag-burning protesters seems to be universal: "Death to America."

In Iraq, one banner read: "Freedom doesn't mean offending two billion Muslims."

The production values of the video really are THAT bad. "It looks like bad, I mean, bad cable access. And I know what bad cable access video looks like, because I work in cable access," a reader confided in me.  Bad, I mean, terrible audio - white dudes in black face - green screen ability below used car shop skill levels, horrific acting, even the beards are costume shop clearance isle fare. No wonder the offended are murdering people.

I think it's time to give that another look:

It was so bad, I hear even Ben Affleck passed on it.

Hey, Sam Bacile, you have all the right to make this - but when you yell fire in the Middle East, you have to know what's coming. Just ask Salmon Rushdie... and he made a book of literature, not a pile of camel dung shot on a rented Sony PD 150 and cut on the free editor Microsoft Movie Maker that came with your computer. You may not want to eat out anytime soon, Sam.

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Anonymous said...

This isn't about a shitty video -- this is a coordinated attack against a weak America. It only took 10 years after 9/11 (to the date, note) that the Arabs are already wiping their asses with the American flag and lighting it on fire.

Jimmy Carter is just choosing not to talk about it this time. Neither is the media.