Sep 10, 2012

Teacher's Union Strike

Frankly, I think that the whole thing was a set up.

It's an elaborate play by Rahm to privatize the entire CPS. The teachers walk after not getting their pay raise, and after the mayor imposed a longer day with zero discussion. Of course they're going to strike - they're pissed off and are being vilified on the national stage. How hard is it going to be for Rahm to make the case that the whole system should be handed over to the 'charter schools' so that this sort of 'disruption' never happens again?

Then the teachers will be laid off, and schools closed, and quite suddenly the Chicago schools become a business, not a function of government. Is it a coincidence that many of the charter schools are named after people who have funded union-busting initiatives and legislation?

The losers are the blood-wrung stones that are the Chicago taxpayers, and their kids.

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