Aug 6, 2012

Mars Rover Evolution

I made a joke earlier about the first pictures from the newest rover. Yeah, I made light of it, but it's a major success in a program that has all but been shuttered.

As you all know last night the Mars rover Curiosity landed successfully. Here’s a picture of the 3 rovers all together sent to me last year by one of the NASA scientists. Click the image to enbiggen it.

Notice just HOW much larger the new one is over the previous versions?

Only in America, or from America, would you get larger and more bloated robots - as they evolve. Like our cars, software and soft drinks. It really is amazing.

And only an American would think of sending a car to space. No one else does that, or would think of that. Hell, after the first Apollo mission - "Hey, wouldn't it be great to drive to that rock over there?"

Now we've sent an SUV onto Mars. That's friggin' awesome. Once they figure out how to mine the Iron Ore out of Mars or how to make rammen noodles out of martian water - watch out. This thing is opening up. Deadwood, Agassiz - with the reality show on E! to help fund it.

"Get your ass to Mars!"

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Cthulhu said...


Our rovers need to be bigger and better in order to assault the Transformer Deceptibots lurking there.