Aug 16, 2012

Beer and Porkchops

"Secret Muslim" Mr. Obama went to great lengths to make sure he was photographed eating pork and drinking beer while in Iowa and also Ohio this week.


Because Mitt Romney drinks water.

Why is that? You mean Mitt isn't a heavy Scotch drinker? Nope. Mitt's a Mormon. Mitt doesn't touch the stuff.

Mr. Obama also made a point to visit a couple coffee shops while on his SuperBus Tour.

Yep, because Mitt doesn't drink hot caffeinated beverages. No coffee. No tea. Just tea parties.

And to add to that, Mr. Obama added a BREWERY to the White House. President Obama told some Iowa residents that he had some of its product stocked aboard the bus he's using for a three-day tour of the Hawkeye State.

"There is a home brew, if you will, at the White House," said White House spokesman Jay Carney.
It's called White House Honey Ale, with both light and dark varieties.

Last year, Marine Sgt. Dakota Meyer, Medal of Honor recipient, reported sharing some of the White House brew with the president.

We're informed that the honey for White House Honey Ale comes from another relatively new facility, the garden created by first lady Michelle Obama. Small batches of beer are made for special events, such as this year's Super Bowl party.

And, yes: Home brewing is legal in Washington, D.C., but I am not aware of the rules for brewing in government facilities.

What's the big deal? The White House is laying the brickwork to knock Mitt over the head with the fact that Mitt is, in fact, a secret underwear wearing practicing Mormon. At the very least, it's a not so subtle attack... and it might cost Mr. Obama Utah in November... (*ahem)

Fairly sure Mormons can eat pork chops though.

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