Jul 31, 2012

Shock and Aw-shut Up!

It seems Mitt Romney can't say anything without pissing someone off - which would be hilarious on any given day - but he's overseas, talking to "our friends" and allies, and making gaffe after gaffe. This should have been a photo op - slam dunk. He's making Sarah Palin look pretty good right now.  Mitt the Twit.

First, he was asked about how England was doing in their job pulling off the Olympics - he answered truthfully, as anyone reading a newspaper would have noted that the UK security firm there had dropped the ball. But it came off as extremely insulting.

Then, he went to Israel to meet his old chum Ben Netanyahu. He didn't piss off the Israelis, but he sure pissed off the Palestinians. He said Jerusalem needs to be the capital, and then said the reason there's no peace is because the Palestinian "cultural differences" -- which would imply, well, they're violent and inferior. I don't understand why they're so offended* (*sarcasm).

Then he pulled his John McCain moment of "bomb bomb bomb Iran" and said that Israel can take the gloves off to take out a nuclear Iran. I may be paraphrasing a tad... but not much.

By the time he got to Poland, the scorched earth policy was already charcoal.

He might be a great business leader, but any claims to be a great politician or foreign policy wonk are now only tied with the current occupier of the White House.

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