Feb 12, 2012

The Week in Review

A coked out pop singer who was in an abusive relationship... has died. No, not Rihanna. The other one. The one from the 80's. ABC News thought it was so important, they interrupted the Charlie Brown Valentines cartoon. I haven't been this angry since they bumped the Bugs Bunny Easter Special to cover Ronald Reagan's assassination attempt.

Mitt took Maine, by a nose hair, but earlier lost some speed as Rick "Don't Google Me" Santorum stuck it out long enough for those religious messages to make the news cycle. He was rewarded Colorado and Minnesota (and a non-binding something in Missouri) when Mr. Obama dug, placed and then stepped on a political/religious landmine this week. For some reason, the political masterminds in the White House didn't see anything wrong with making Catholics working in Catholic institutions getting free condoms or pills from the Catholic Church? Apparently the most left leaning political folks don't understand that they're dealing with religion, money, and politics - and the State ordering religion to buy things in which that religion is actively against. We'll call this the February Fumble as we anticipate the October Surprise.

Imagine a real libertarian picking up that loose ball that Obama dropped? Separation of Church and State? The government ordering anyone to buy something? All the fun-ness of ObamaCare have just popped back out and is the fault of the White House. He's since backtracked, a tad, but is it too late? Even for liberal Catholics? 57% support the new rule... but let's see. Maybe they'll just close their wallets and stay home on November 2nd?

And speaking of wallets, in a complete about face the White House has decided that Super PACs are super cool and all that bad mouthing of that sort of thing must have been someone else. I guess that Super PACs are no longer "a threat to Democracy"? Maybe having a financial disadvantage is the larger threat?

Prop 8 was deemed unconstitutional, delighting many, despite that it's just another step in a long tailed adventure in the courts. California's system of asking people to create a rule, just to have the courts upturn the people a little while later might be the reason they never have any money.

A couple other things happened this week... John Boehner is dropping the Fast and Furious investigations - which means there's a back door compromise hiding around here somewhere. To say that I'm disappointed by the Speaker with no teeth is an understatement. 

Syria continues to be serious - but no one is doing anything about it. They've even decided to stop counting bodies. As the world debates whether to intervene, the people are asking the world "what the hell are you waiting for?"

Greece had a deal for another handout - then didn't, again. It's such a boring story now, it's hardly worth cutting'n'pasting it.

And if you're in Europe, maybe you've noticed the massive Anti-ACTA protests? Germany has backed away from it.

And tonight Adele will probably take all the Grammy's home in a wheel barrel. Don't tell me you haven't heard that song. It was everywhere last year.

And something else you'll be experiencing everywhere soon - Drones. Congress just rubber stamped that one. Don't worry, it'll just be to track wildlife and, uh, Henry Hill, and anything else that looks suspicious. And if you think you can avoid the drones, look out for the speed cameras that Rahm Emanuel is hanging all over Chicago. A great man once sang, "Don't follow leaders watching parking meters." Apparently the people of Chicago didn't hear that lyric?

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