Feb 7, 2012

Gurgling Rumors of War

Can we quit tap dancing around the 'crackdown' on the Syrian people by their President Bashar al-Assad, and say it is a civil war now? It's clearly out of anyone's control, and the Russians and the Chinese are making money from it which is why they vetoed any action in the UN Security Council. Let's cut the b.s. about 'referendums' and 'dialogue' and call it what it is. Russia is trying to come out as a relevant player in the region by playing peace keeper, - and possibly more importantly, keeping the US from knocking out one of Iran's best chess pieces. Watch out Russia, if you play with matches you're likely to get burnt.

Speaking of fire, and Iran, there's still fairly high tensions in the Middle East, and there's snow in Denver. Somehow those two are news? Iran continues to stage military maneuvers amid its threats to close the vital oil shipping lanes in the Strait of Hormuz. And Israel continues to mull a military strike on Iranian nuclear facilities, while politicians are urging Washington to show Tehran that it faces a credible military threat. The Iranians are working on their nuclear bomb -er, reactor- in a bunker, while they're dismissing the US sanctions as 'psychological warfare.'

Now, let's say that Bashar falls, and the Iranian cash flow via their oil is totally stopped up = ta dah, I give you the next war in the Middle East - the Big Iranian War. Iran loses their influence in the region if Damascus falls and they would have no money when the EU and US plug up their oil... so the Iranians would simply decide to ruin everyone else's day too. And then there's a new medal for US Vets.

Thinking of America's Veterans, let me get this straight, the New York Giants get a ticker tape parade, but there hasn't been one for the veterans of Iraq. It's not a big deal until you realize there have been 4 parades for team sports in NYC, and zero for Vets since 2000. Just to be clear, this act clearly shows everyone who our real heroes are.

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