Oct 22, 2011

The Trouble with The Troubles

Back in the way back machine, the Irish and English didn't get along so well. Seems that fire isn't completely extinguished.

Real IRA's Plot To Blow Up London: Wave Of Atrocities Foiled By MI5 Operation That Snared Terrorists' Weapons Buyer
  • Michael Campbell, 39, caught on tape plotting 'terror day-trip to London'* Police praise the bravery of undercover MI5 agents after four-year operation
  • 'You can imagine us getting over to England... you imagine, with a six-hour timer, we could be over to London and back. Just tick, tick, tick, tick... gone'
  • Republican sentenced to 12 years in jail by a Lithuanian judge
  • Paid just £5,200 for arsenal of high-grade explosives, grenade launchers, detonators, AK-47s and a special assassin's rifle
A terrorist plot to murder hundreds of innocent Britons in a devastating wave of atrocities was revealed yesterday.

Dissidents belonging to the Real IRA wanted to attack targets, including police and soldiers, in London and elsewhere with rucksack bombs, grenades and a long-distance sniper rifle.

But the plan was foiled when the terrorist sent to buy the weapons was trapped in an elaborate MI5 sting involving a British cigarette smuggler turned undercover agent.
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