Oct 30, 2011

Sunday Comics & Week in Review Oct 29, 2011

Hey, we made it to the finish line. A heck of a week, wasn't it? Here's a bunch of stuff I either glossed over or didn't get to over the week that was.

Of all the ball clubs in all the world, why did St. Louis need another ring?

Is the OWS at a tipping point?  It's getting cold. Snow even! I wonder how many Occupy Wall Street folks in Zuccotti Park tents have -15 degree tents? Can they survive the winter? Police are cracking down, too — especially in Oakland — and dissension is splitting the Occupy ranks. In New York, volunteer cooks are reportedly miffed that the homeless are treating OWS like a soup kitchen. How much longer will it last?

Quadaffy's gone, but now Libya needs to find it's way. And which way will that be? The nation's interim leaders have announced the adoption of Islamic law — worrying many of the Westerners who supported them. And what happened to Gadhafi as he was dying doesn't exactly inspire confidence in the fledgling government's ability to transition to democracy. Should NATO stick around longer? Good money after bad? Wait, the Europeans love tossing money into holes...

Greece is a Money Pit. A black hole where German tax dollars go to die. Sure, stocks soared on Thursday after European leaders announced a deal to keep Greece from defaulting on its debt (again). Big banks agreed to write down 50 percent of Greece's loans, and European Union nations promised to increase the size of their bailout fund to $1.4 trillion. Has Europe finally taken action bold enough to prevent the crisis from exploding? Or is this just another stop gap before the bottom really falls out and the other weaker members fall down too?

Rick Perry stumps for a flat tax? Dude, that's not cool.... sure, Jesus's best friend is nosediving, he's even threatening to skip future debates, and taking his ball and going home. He flirted with Donald Trump's birther-ism and then, out of no where he comes out with a 20 percent flat tax. Hey, even though that's 3% more than Steve Forbes - it was enough to get Steve Forbes's endorsement -- to the surprise of whoever cares about Steve Forbes anymore. But of course the plan as a regressive attempt to reward the rich, while others argued that its real purpose is to fire up the GOP base. Maybe to piss off Herman Cain voters -- even the smokers.

But despite all that, Herman Cain is still on top. Yeah, he ought to be taking a dive with Bachman and Perry... he's got that smoking add... He's flip-flopped like a Waffle House fry cook, seems confused about some other issues... and even Karl Rove doesn't like him. Poor old Mitt Romney. Can't he catch a break?

Meanwhile, Mr. Obama, frustrated by Congress that has openly stated that their only goal is to knock him out of the White House.... and frustrated by approval ratings that would make George Bush blush, unveiled a number of economy-related executive orders this week. Home refinancing and student loan re-configs are probably all he can do without congressional approval. Where was this 2 years ago? Part of the original Stimulus?

Netflix continues to commit suicide ...

Charlie Sheen just got another sitcom. On FX. Anger Management - Next summer. (but not on DirecTV) While Ashton Kutcher, who replaced Sheen on Two and a Half Men, is being criticized for the show's less-than-stellar ratings. Who's winning?

Hope to see you next week.

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