Sep 13, 2011

Tea Party Debate Recap

Rick, I'm not going to be the Paul Tsongas to your Bill Clinton!

Take a chair there, Mr. Brainy McNerdy-Pants. Let me make some stuff up about how awesome I am.

Here's the facts Fact checks, that is.

Andrew Sprung on Rick Perry's debate performance:
In the GOP debate tonight, Perry doubled down on his slimy insinuation that Ben Bernanke's attempts to stimulate the economy with monetary policy are treasonous. This time he used the classic demagogic method of asserting that we have no way of knowing that an outrageous smear isn't true. Of Bernanke's motive for intimating that further monetary easing may be coming, he said "we don't know if it was political or not" -- i.e., whether Bernanke is motivated by trying to help Obama get re-elected. Never mind that the being accused of treason for following a given policy course by the leading presidential candidate of one party would constitute a perfectly good motive for trying to maintain the other in office. Or that Bernanke is a Republican, and a Bush appointee, and a student of the Great Depression whose entire corpus of published writings support a more radical course of easing than he's pursued. From smearing motive to charging treason -- that's the GOP way.
Rick Perry suggested secession as an option for Texas and hinted at lynching an official appointed by President Bush because of a policy disagreement. Wait, succession isn't treason?

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