Sep 22, 2011

Keep On Rockin the Free World...

Akron Children’s Hospital has opted to drop “OMG” from future advertising after a few complaints over its new billboard in the Montrose shopping area.  The billboard reads “OMG! There’s an Akron Children’s ER in Montrose!” and looks down upon the busy intersection of Route 18 and Cleveland-Massillon Road.  Blogger Cindy Orley felt the sign was a slam against God and began writing about it last week. She and her father, a local minister, voiced concerns to Children’s Hospital.  Hospital leaders say they meant no disrespect and received few complaints but, nevertheless, they will drop OMG from future advertisements.
I love how 1 Billion Christians are offended and persecuted because they're a minority. It's called the Christian Persecution Complex. And it's complicated because it's so hypocritical. Hey, lady who complained? Here's a solution, why don't you pay that hospital to take down the sign. The whole cost too, the marketers, copywriter, the stock image, the printer, the labor to put the sign up, the rent for the sign itself and the labor to take it down. Here's another thought, how about you get off the keyboard bitchin' about OMG and go volunteer at that hospital? Why not show some humanity and that Christian ethos you purport to cherish so well.

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