Aug 2, 2011

The Vote Tally

PELOSI voted yes!

VAN HOLLEN voted yes!

CLYBURN voted yes!

HOYER voted yes!

WASSERMAN-SCHULTZ - The Chairman Of The Party - voted yes!

JACKSON-LEE voted yes!

DINGELL voted yes!

Even CLIFFORDS voted yes - and she get's slack only because she got shot in the head!

The so-called die-hard Liberal Left put up a phony front and then folded like a wet napkin!

What is the use of the Democratic Caucus in the Congress to Obama if they only bend over like a $10 hooker?

The Progressive Caucus complains about the control of the Tea Party Caucus on Congress and tie up the works - why don't THEY have the balls to assume control and tie up the works?

The Democrat solution is to turn Congress back over to the Republicans. Well, why not crank up the momentum for the clean sweep?

The Democrat Party song should be Adele's "We Could'a Had It All.... Rolling in the Deep!"

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