Jun 17, 2011

Weiner Pulls Out

Heard any good penis jokes lately? Weiner is the side band playing outside the gate at Lollapaloza. Here's what's going on in your world, right now.

In the Middle East, Syrian forces widen assault in northwest. On another Friday, mass protests expected across Syria. Fresh protests erupt in Syria. Syrian troops seize another northern town, as pro-democracy protesters press on elsewhere. This is a civil war.

Clans and tribes forge new Yemen unity. Americans are upping their predator bombings there.

Israel warns of using force if new flotilla heads to Gaza. That ought to end well.

Jordan: King Abdullah holds on, despite rising discontent.

In Asia, Russia eyes bigger role in Afghanistan, wants to rebuild: Envoy.

China and Russia just signed a 1 Trillion dollar oil deal as well.

China to boost coastal forces amid sea tensions.

Claims of injustice spur wave of unrest in China>
China raises flood alert to top level, 555,000 evacuated.

Moms turn activists in Japanese crisis. Mistrust in Japan, unthinkable.

In the African continent, NATO continues to pound Tripoli targets; pressure mounts on Gadhafi. NATO targets Tripoli with a daytime raid. Rebels eye Tripoli push as Gaddafi son offers election.

Nigeria's Boko Haram Islamists 'bombed Abuja police HQ'.

South African youth leader calls for nationalization, land seizures.

Sudan blames bombardment on southern aggression.

African free trade zone planning is under way.

In lovely ole' Europe - Germany's Merkel: Europe and Euro tightly bound together. Which means they're sticking by their drug addicted brother Greece, even though he's getting loaded on their stolen ATM card.
Greek PM vows to stay, lead exit from debit crisis. Greek PM replaces finance minister in reshuffle.

As Europeans wince at austerity, markets fear turmoil. It's just the second act of the beginning.

Medvedev warns against stagnation in Russia.

In the Americas - Argentine leader says UK 'arrogant' over Falklands. Really, that $hit again? Retro works in clothing and music, not geo-political cat fights.

Canada to U.S.: we need you to fix a debt problem.

Uncertainty reigns as Jerry Brown vetoes 'questionable' California budget. Which is really obtuse.

Gang warfare kills 33 in Monterrey, Mexico.

In terrorism news: New Egyptian Al Qaeda boss no bin Laden but will be hunted anyway.

US pays European groups $1 million to hunt for anti-aircraft missiles in Libya. Wonder if they'll buy new ones after they're blown up?

Zawahiri's rise puts Pakistan in al Qaida crosshairs.

Guantanamo captives ‘weaponize’ bodily fluids.

And in the markets - The biggest banks face capital clampdown.

China President Hu: Global economic recovery 'slow and fragile'. He should know. He runs a China shop.

Phone rivalry drives down RIM earnings. Is it too soon to say bye-bye Blackberry?

Oh, and the sun is taking a break. Bad news for Al Gore and the Warming crowd. Should have concentrated on humanity disappearing instead of the Polar Bears, Al.

Big Hat tip for all the news - War News Update. Why War News Update? Well, unlike many people, I really do care that the US and the West is involved in 5 active shooting wars right now. When I mention Yemen and Libya, most people want to change the subject to what's going on in Master Chef, or Tony Weiner's Weiner and the spotty cover-up. Of course there was a bad cover up -- he took is shirt off and took pictures of his dong. Nothing about that says "cover-up." Rangle and Geithner showed you can keep your job if you cheat on taxes, but Tweeting boners and lying about it is a real no-no. Except when Bill Clinton did it.

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